In this compelling episode of the “Coffee with Karen” podcast, Karen Roberts engages in a profound conversation with Jen Mons, a coach and mentor specializing in empowering feminine leaders to awaken their gifts, embody prosperity, and craft enduring legacies. In this transformative discussion, Jen shares her remarkable journey from a near-death experience during pregnancy to holistic wellness exploration, underlining the significance of emotional, mental, and spiritual facets of wellbeing.


The Five Elements of Wealth:

Jen introduces the concept of the five elements of wealth, emphasizing that true prosperity encompasses multidimensional facets, including health as wealth. She particularly highlights the fifth element, financial resourcefulness, and shares personal insights on how misalignment in a business partnership led to a financial crisis.

Soul Upgrades and Reprogramming the Subconscious:

Throughout the conversation, Karen and Jen delve into the importance of soul upgrades, stress management, and the pivotal role of reprogramming the subconscious mind in achieving holistic wealth and prosperity.

Balancing Feminine Energy in Leadership:

Jen advocates for bringing balance to the workforce by embracing and incorporating feminine energy, a natural strength inherent in women. She sees a paradigm shift happening and believes that the women of today can lead by drawing wisdom from their life experiences while paving the way for future generations.

Honoring Cycles and Listening to Our Bodies:

Jen underscores the significance of honoring natural cycles of rest, creativity, and intuition, which often get overlooked in our fast-paced society. She posits that productivity thrives when individuals align with their bodies and listen to their internal rhythms.

Money Beliefs and Saboteurs:

The conversation navigates into the realm of money beliefs and the various saboteurs that can obstruct an individual’s relationship with money. Jen offers insights into the connection between love languages and money, advocating for understanding and developing a healthy relationship with finances to amplify one’s voice and values.

Creating Space and Clarity:

Jen and Karen wrap up the episode by discussing the importance of creating space and clarity in life. Jen believes that women yearn for permission and space to authentically express themselves, ultimately leading to a sense of freedom. She highlights the need to simplify our lives, listen to our souls, and align our actions with our values, emphasizing that energy thrives on clarity.


This podcast episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for feminine leaders, healers, and coaches aspiring to leave a lasting legacy while embracing prosperity. It offers valuable insights into holistic wellbeing, financial abundance, and the pivotal role of authenticity, balance, and clarity in one’s journey towards prosperity and impact.

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