Episode #1 The Great Mask Debate 11th Jan 2pm GMT


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Episode #2 Recovering From Childhood Trauma with Chris Tuck and Beverley Webb

This weeks topic has really strong opinions on both sides.

We will be discussing this from a mental, physical and spiritual perspective with our aim to negate fear and offer solutions.

Lori West – The Mental Perspective

Lori West, founder and CEO of Business Brilliance™, opens the door to a world of possibility. From launching Silicon Valley start-ups into Europe during the dotcom boom, to helping people recover from a variety of mental health issues, to coaching women leaders in STEM industries, Lori’s passion lies in guiding people to create healthy, abundant, authentic and fulfilling business opportunities.

When she’s not saving the world, she likes to sing, dance, discover new restaurants, play tennis, ski and practice yoga.


Karmic Psychic – The Spiritual Perspective

Is a belief clearing practitioner, chakra cleanser, mentor and astrology/psychic, numerologist


Karen Roberts – The Physical Perspective

Karen Roberts Coaching Ltd. 
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