Special Guest Nathan Simmonds

With 23 years in leadership positions and the last 9 years focusing on Leadership & personal development Nathan comes with an array of incredible life experiences. From living in Brazil and training martial arts through to managing the customer services for Time & Fortune magazine while living in Amsterdam.

Amongst this Nathan has experienced serious hospitalisation, not once but 3 times in his life. The first at 9 Years old, in 1988 was for nearly a year on and off with Crohn’s disease. Although he has cured this, he was later hospitalised with a “mechanical” breakdown of the original scar tissue.

Emergency surgery, 8 days in hospital, lost 15 kilos in 10 days, and ended up with a colostomy bag for 20-months. 3 things kept him focused and helped him pulled through; The NHS, and the good they do. Constant attention on food and his own health habits and also the leadership and coaching questions he teaches others used real-time to get him well and back home.

He specialises in leadership psychology, is qualified as an ILM Leadership coach, mental health first aider. He is also a hypnotherapist and trained in NLP and psychotherapy. He’s now combining these skills to support others overcome childhood trauma, break unhelpful behaviours and negative patterns, shifting how they heal their inner world; physically and emotionally.


LinkedIN; https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathansimmondstheleadershipcoach/

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