Special Guest: Deb Parrott

Deb is an Inspired Intuitive and Empath based in Worthing, West Sussex. Her aim is to inspire, encourage and empower others to become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves, improving overall well-being and helping them to awaken their light, developing their gifts and potential.

Avenues of connection include energy healing, angelic reiki, chakra balancing, group meditation, intuitive oracle card readings, workshops, courses, encompassing natural alternative health remedies too. She believes it is the combination of all of these aspects, along with a positive outlook and mindset that leads others to live their authentic ultimate life.

Her own healing journey opened doors to huge self-discovery, self-worth, self-love, self-care, forgiveness, gratitude and unconditional love bringing forward my gifts and purpose.

Many souls have forgotten how truly special they are, holding unique gifts deep within that could enhance their lives, as well as others. Today, she feels extremely honoured to assist others in utilising these, accessing their own divine keys to their inner toolbox activating soul potential and embracing their beautiful life.





About your Host, Karen Roberts.

I help women who are overwhelmed, overstressed, overweight, overworked and underpaid.

Mental, Physical and Spiritual alignment – Pure Resonance

When they work with me, they will lose the extra weight in 90 days or less and look and feel amazing. They will regain their confidence and reclaim their power all whilst increasing their income.

Combining Diet, Exercise, Fasting, Meditating and Energy Frequency Healing.

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