Special Guest Debo Kalley ​ ​​

About Me and the service I provide I am a Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Healer, Holistic Health Coach, and a Registered Nurse. ​​

With over 20 years experience of supporting people to heal themselves. I support people to become emotionally resilient, reduce stress and anxiety. ​​I believe everyone should have the opportunity to become healthier and happier, and live a fulfilled life, I run regular workshops that include teaching the practice of meditation and group guided meditation. ​​Teaching Reiki workshops and Reiki Energy Healing, private Reiki healing sessions are delivered as distant healing, at a time of your choice, and are just as powerful as when delivered in person. ​​

I deliver group Health Coaching workshops. Where you learn how to observe your internal language, both how you speak to your self and about yourself. ​​Teach you self coaching skills, that give you tools you can use time and time again to create a life you love to live. Currently due to Covid 19 all my work is online. ​​

Workshops and private one to one Coaching are all delivered online via zoom.

My vision is to help Heal the World one person at a time. Teach everyone to connect with their inner power, and know the unlimited benefits of Meditation, Energy Healing and Coaching.

I wish to create a community of healthy happy individuals who value and appreciate themselves, their family, friends, everyone, and every living being. ​​

With Meditation, Angelic Reiki Healing and Coaching programmes, I support you to create a lasting result that impact not only you, but the lives of your loved ones in a positive way.

I am Founder of: The Centre for healing and Spiritual Development ​​

I offer the following courses and Workshops: ​​Guided Meditation Workshop online via Zoom ​​

Learn the Practice of Meditation, 4 Week Course (currently online only) ​​

Learn self-coaching skills (group) ​​Workshops, on line via Zoom ​​

Angelic Reiki Healing courses online via zoom ​​

Distant Reiki healing (Currently no sessions in person) ​​

Registered Nurse INP, DSN Meditation Teacher, Holistic Health Coach Angelic Reiki Master Teacher

Email: info@debokalley.co.uk

Tel: 07841204493


Website: www.debokalley.co.uk

Facebook Profile URL https://www.facebook.com/debo.kalley

Facebook Business Page URL https://www.facebook.com/groups/debomrhc/

Linkedin Profile URL www.debokalley.co.uk

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