In this thought-provoking podcast episode, host Karen Roberts engages in an insightful conversation with Vernessa Roberts-Govern, a licensed marriage and family therapist, accomplished author, and dedicated professor. Together, they delve deep into the topics of authenticity, shame, self-worth, and their profound impact on our relationships and lives.

The Journey to Self-Discovery:

Vernessa shares her personal journey of self-discovery, revealing how her own experiences inspired her to become a guiding light for others struggling with feelings of shame and self-doubt. Her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s authenticity.

Unveiling Societal and Familial Expectations:

The conversation uncovers the weight of societal and familial expectations, particularly those imposed on women. The rise of social media has intensified self-comparison, and family dynamics often play a pivotal role in shaping our goals and self-perception. The hosts stress the importance of recognizing and challenging these external pressures to create a life that resonates with our innermost values and desires.

Empowering Your Inner Voice:

Vernessa and Karen highlight the significance of our inner voice and the harm of self-criticism. Listeners are encouraged to become their own cheerleaders and supporters, fostering self-compassion and self-worth. Authentic living is defined as aligning with one’s true needs and desires, free from society’s narrow definitions of success. It requires introspection and empathy toward others, even in a world filled with distractions.

The Journey Towards Authenticity:

The podcast episode concludes with Vernessa shedding light on the distinctions between therapy and coaching. While therapy focuses on addressing significant issues like anxiety and depression, coaching is a solution-oriented approach. It helps individuals identify and overcome barriers to achieve their authentic goals while addressing shame and self-worth concerns. Vernessa’s venture, Authentic Life Coaching, is dedicated to guiding clients on this transformative journey.

Exploring Vernessa’s Work:

Vernessa also discusses her books, “Authentic” and “The Pursuit Towards Liberation.” “Authentic” unveils the layers of authenticity through a clever acronym, providing valuable insights into self-discovery. “The Pursuit Towards Liberation” delves into societal limitations and social justice issues, showcasing her commitment to authenticity beyond personal realms. Additionally, Vernessa hosts the “All Things Authentic” podcast, a platform for candid conversations about personal struggles and societal matters, reflecting her passion for living an authentic life.


This podcast episode serves as an enlightening exploration of authenticity, shame, and self-worth, offering listeners practical wisdom to apply in their lives. Join Karen Roberts and Vernessa Roberts-Govern on this transformative journey towards embracing your authentic self and nurturing more fulfilling relationships.

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