Special Guest: Paul Smith

Paul describes himself as a rebel/youtube blogger/guitarist but first of all, a health advocate.

A couple of years ago he started to notice a lot of people around him had some type of syndrome, illness, or auto-immune disorder so he wanted to help them and started to research the root of all these illnesses. 

He read and studied a lot about natural health, vitamins, minerals and food and decided to start his own online business Nutrient Nirvana which has improved health for all his clients. Basically, his philosophy is focused on 4 nutrients key for human beings: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Magnesium and dieting.

Paul enjoys growing his own food, walking in the woods, and being as active as possible in the fight against tyranny, propaganda and psychopathic control of the masses. 

He also has a passion for interviewing people on his YouTube channel and researching real health and alternative history. 

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About your Host,

Hi! I’m Karen Roberts. I am a holistic transformation coach who helps women who have lost their ‘MOJO’. 

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