Welcome to episode 178 of our podcast, where we embark on a profound journey of soul healing with our special guest, Nina Gautama. As a soul coach and energy healer, Nina shares her captivating story and offers valuable insights into embracing individuality, intuition, and the transformative power of soul healing.

From Troubled Past to Healing Mission

Nina’s journey begins with her upbringing in the UK and her eventual embrace of a nomadic lifestyle. Her transformative experience in Bali in 2022 set her on a mission to support others on their healing journeys. Drawing from her passion for yoga and personal growth, Nina channels her skills into coaching, empowering individuals through their unique healing experiences.

Breaking Free from Labels and Victimhood

In the first 15 minutes of the podcast, Nina courageously opens up about her troubled childhood marked by abuse and trauma. She candidly discusses how these experiences led her down a path of behavioral issues, addiction, and toxic relationships. However, her journey of self-discovery challenged societal labels and the belief that something is inherently wrong with individuals.

Together, Karen and Nina explore the harmful impact of labeling and the importance of recognizing that everyone’s experience is different. They stress the need to shift away from victimhood and survival mode, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique strengths and transform their perceived weaknesses into powerful assets.

Empowerment through Healing and Self-Acceptance

Nina’s role as a heart-centered coach is to provide unwavering support and guidance to those who feel lost, different, or disconnected. Her intuitive approach, influenced by energy healing and psychic readings, allows her to tap into her clients’ higher selves, providing the grounding and release they seek. Nina’s ultimate goal is to help individuals navigate their awakening, let go of labels and trauma, and find empowerment through self-acceptance and understanding.

Tapping into Inner Wisdom and Intuition

The conversation takes a deeper dive into the significance of tuning into our inner wisdom and intuition. Karen emphasizes that as a healer, her role is not to provide advice from a perceived higher place but to help individuals reconnect with their innate ability to heal and guide themselves in life. They discuss the conditioning that has led people to distrust their intuition and give their power away to external authorities.

Navigating the Noise and Distractions

The hosts shed light on the overwhelming amount of information and distractions in today’s world, particularly the impact of social media. They encourage listeners to take a break from the noise and reconnect with themselves. The intention is not to provide quick fixes, but to teach people how to trust themselves and listen to their own inner voice. They emphasize the importance of selective consumption of information, books, and technology.

The Path of Healing: Practice and Patience

Finding balance in a world filled with distractions is a shared experience for the hosts. They acknowledge the challenge of relying on external solutions and quick fixes, highlighting the importance of patience. They discuss the need for daily practice and conscious choices, urging listeners to cultivate trust in themselves and take intuitive action for personal growth and well-being.

Healing as a Process

In their thought-provoking discussion, the hosts tackle the concept of healing and the misconception of seeking instant fixes. They emphasize that healing is a process that takes time and the importance of removing the expectation of immediate results. They draw parallels to physical fitness, where the body’s response to exercise varies, just like the healing process. Practice and patience are key aspects of emotional healing and personal growth.

Returning to Intuitive Living

The conversation explores the idea of returning to a more intuitive way of living, inspired by cultures that prioritize natural movement and mindful eating. The hosts emphasize the significance of asking the right questions rather than relying solely on external solutions. While external guidance can be valuable, they advocate for being guided by an inner voice and embracing self-love throughout the healing journey.

Acknowledging and Releasing

The hosts address the question of whether it is necessary to delve deep into negative feelings to achieve healing. They discuss the importance of acknowledging and releasing what is already present to let go of emotional burdens. Personal experiences of transforming heavy energy through transmutation are shared, empowering individuals to reclaim their power and use it positively in their daily lives.

Balancing Past Trauma

While addressing past traumas, the hosts caution against excessive dwelling on them. They argue that continuously analyzing and reliving the pain can hinder progress. Instead, they advocate for clearing out emotional baggage without fixating on understanding every detail, as this perpetuates self-identification solely with trauma.

Embracing Self-Love and Compassion

The concern of blaming parents or others for unresolved issues is addressed, with the hosts emphasizing that everyone is doing their best with the knowledge they have at the time. They encourage individuals to focus on personal growth and behavioral changes rather than pressuring others, especially parents, to constantly unearth childhood traumas.


As the episode concludes, Nina shares her contact information and the transformative healing and coaching services she offers. The hosts close the podcast by highlighting the societal shift toward recognizing the significance of living in the present moment. They discuss the simplicity of happiness and the tendency to overcomplicate things. Grateful for the conversation, they offer a powerful reminder to keep things simple and embrace the power of now.

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