In our latest podcast episode, we have the privilege of engaging in a profound conversation with Kelle Sparta, a transformational shaman with a wealth of knowledge and experience in personal growth, metaphysics, and ritual transformation. Join us as we explore Kelly’s journey of spiritual awakening, her deep understanding of the spiritual realm, and her mission to help spiritual students and teachers develop unwavering self-belief and step into their purpose.

A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Kelly’s spiritual journey began at a young age, nurtured by her mother, who recognized her psychic abilities. Growing up in the New Age movement, Kelly was exposed to a rich tapestry of spiritual teachings and practices, including guided meditations, psychic readings, and healing work. These formative experiences laid the foundation for her profound understanding of the spiritual realm and its transformative potential.

The Crucial Role of Self-Trust

The conversation between Karen and Kelly delves deep into the essential role of self-trust in personal and spiritual development. Kelly emphasizes that self-trust is not only vital for personal comfort and authenticity but also plays a significant role in the spiritual journey itself. For spiritual practitioners, self-trust enables them to fully embrace their unique gifts, recognize their inherent value, and confidently charge for their services.

Charging for Spiritual Services

One of the significant challenges faced by many spiritual practitioners is the struggle with charging for their gifts. Kelly sheds light on the societal conditioning and misconceptions surrounding spiritual practices that often discourage practitioners from valuing their own work. She encourages a mindset shift that recognizes the importance of spiritual services and the profound impact they can have on individuals’ lives.

Understanding Shamanism

The concept of shamanism takes center stage in the conversation. Kelly explains the diverse interpretations of shamanism among shamans and describes her role as a transformational shaman. Her focus lies in guiding individuals toward deeper spiritual connections with themselves, their guides, ancestors, and the natural world. Through her transformative work, Kelly helps individuals harness their inner power and find spiritual meaning and purpose in their lives.

Balancing Personal Growth and Spiritual Exploration

The conversation emphasizes the necessity of personal growth and balance alongside spiritual exploration. Kelly underscores the importance of integrating power work with personal development to avoid stagnation or the misuse of one’s gifts. This holistic approach ensures that spiritual practitioners continue to grow and evolve on their journey while staying grounded and aligned with their higher purpose.


This podcast episode is a captivating exploration of self-trust and the transformative potential of the shamanic path. Karen Roberts and Kelle Sparta offer invaluable insights and guidance for listeners embarking on their spiritual journeys. Tune in to this enlightening episode and discover the power of self-belief, the profound impact it can have on personal growth, and the transformative journey of the shamanic path.

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