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Executives/Corporate professionals/Business owners


Mindset reprogramming, Energy healing and Coaching


Dove is a Leading Intuitive Success Coach, Transformational Mentor and Theta Brain Waves energy healer. She is blessed, passionate, thrilled, delighted, grateful, excited, committed and open hearted living a life of her purpose. Using her gifts and talents she devotes herself to empower high-achieving current or aspiring executives, professionals, and business owners who want to overcome imposter’s syndrome, reclaim key professional & personal priorities, leverage passion to increase income & impact so that they can build a legacy and confidently step into their highest potential. She is passionate about seeing her clients creating legacy in this world, expanding to the highest potential and supporting them to live their desired present and future. Healthy, happy, beautiful, authentic, abundant, powerful, loving, kind, freeā€¦ !

Fly High With Dove

Thursdays 4pm EST/ 9pm GMT