Welcome to the Coffee with Karen podcast, your weekly dose of holistic health, current affairs, and a touch of the spiritual. In this enlightening episode, Karen Roberts sits down with Stacie Walker, a coach, author, digital marketing strategist, and business coach. Stacie takes us on a journey through her entrepreneurial path, revealing the secrets of embodying your wealthy CEO identity for increased impact, clients, and cash flow.

The Importance of Personal Growth in Success

Stacie’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2008 when she ventured into helping network marketing companies build their online presence. However, she soon realized that success was not just about strategy; it was deeply intertwined with personal growth. Stacie shares how personal development became the catalyst for her business growth. She emphasizes that personal growth is a lifelong journey that cannot be separated from self-care and cultivating a growth mindset.

Overcoming the Fear of Judgment

One of the key takeaways from this conversation is the significance of caring about what you think of yourself rather than worrying about others’ opinions. Stacie and Karen delve into the impact of judgment and how it can hinder our progress, especially when starting a business. They discuss the fears that entrepreneurs often face and the need to conquer the fear of judgment.

Redefining Success and Perseverance

The discussion challenges common misconceptions about success. Stacie shares her perspective that success is not solely about achieving goals; it’s also about navigating setbacks and failures. She encourages listeners to use their voices and share their messages, even when they feel like giving up.

Transformative Personal Journey

Stacie opens up about a deeply personal experience – a week of homelessness and staying in a hotel stairwell. This challenging time became a turning point in her life, helping her heal and forgive herself. Stacie’s journey showcases the resilience and determination that drive her success.

Books, Programs, and Entrepreneurial Wisdom

Stacie also discusses her two books, “Bold is Beautiful” and “Better Business Books,” offering a glimpse into the wisdom she imparts to her readers. She introduces her programs for entrepreneurs, including the Six Figure Foundation Workshop and a new membership program.

Transitioning from Employee to Business Owner Mindset

Transitioning from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset can be challenging, and Karen and Stacie explore this transformation. They stress the importance of the right mindset and foundational pillars for building a successful online business.

Your Path to Success and Simplified Business

In summary, this podcast episode is a valuable resource for anyone embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, seeking to design a client attraction process, or striving to simplify their business operations while aiming for consistent five-figure months. Stacie’s story and insights offer inspiration and practical guidance in the realms of personal growth, entrepreneurship, and mindset. To learn more about Stacie’s offerings, visit

Embrace personal growth, redefine success, and unlock your entrepreneurial potential with the wisdom shared in this episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast. Stacie Walker’s journey and advice are both inspiring and practical, providing listeners with valuable insights and tools for their own ambitious ventures.

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