Emma Greenslade

Accelerator Coach and Healer


For adoptees who want to connect with a community of people who understand how they feel as they have been through adoption or those who are interested in listening to truthful stories of men and women who were adopted as children.


Private and group healing and coaching sessions to empwer adoptees to let go of limitations held from the past, so they can feel comfortable in their own skin whilst belonging in the world, secure in the value they bring and loving themselves first and foremost.


Everthing you can imagine is totally possible…

When you let-go of the limitations that are keeping you stuck

Emma is a multi-passionate individual who empowers her clients to break old patterns whether they be ancestral, past-life or from this life-time. She will find the exact time, space and reality the limitation occured, where it is held in the body and with whom it happened.

With channeled coaching and profound questioning you will set your sights to the future to enable you to reach your desires.

Real & Raw Adoptee Talks

Thursdays 7am EST / 12pm GMT