The Coffee with Karen podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom, offering holistic perspectives on various facets of life. In this illuminating episode, Karen Roberts is joined by Cindy Ames, a seasoned mindset coach who specializes in empowering professionals and entrepreneurs to unlock their inner potential, leading to greater happiness and fulfillment.

Cindy’s Journey to Empowerment:

Cindy kicks off the episode by sharing her personal journey, a remarkable transition from her senior role in learning and development to becoming a certified coach. Central to this transformative journey was the profound realization that mindset holds the key to unleashing one’s full potential—both for herself and her clients. Cindy introduces her formula for living optimally, aptly termed “flow,” comprising thought management, emotional navigation, body nourishment, and physical movement. The heart of the conversation revolves around empowering women to embrace optimal living, with Cindy shedding light on how mindset can be the catalyst for breaking free from burnout, people-pleasing, and the grip of perfectionism.

The Power of Growth Mindset:

Karen and Cindy underscore the paramount importance of cultivating a growth mindset and translating it into tangible action steps to craft the life of one’s dreams. The discussion delves into the pivotal role of mindset in setting the tone for a successful day, particularly through the practice of a morning ritual. Cindy generously shares her own morning routine, a well-crafted blend of rising early at 5:25 am, engaging in a study group, immersing herself in insightful readings, diving into a carefully curated curriculum, and reflection on newfound knowledge. The episode also unveils the significance of incorporating affirmations and journaling into the daily routine to declutter the mind, while nourishing the body with hydration and a protein-packed shake.

Influencers and Models of Transformation:

Cindy opens up about the influential figures who have played a pivotal role in her own journey, citing the likes of Brooke Castillo, Jodi Moore, Karen Crabtree, and her personal coach, Cindy Warren. She highlights their profound contributions in enhancing her understanding of the thought model and the intricacies of the coaching business. The discussion shifts to the challenges Cindy faces while growing her coaching business, particularly the anticipation of people joining her email list.

The Transformative Power of “The Model”:

Karen and Cindy delve into the transformative tool known as “the model,” an invaluable resource for identifying thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This powerful tool equips individuals with the ability to navigate their mindset effectively and drive better outcomes.

Taking Action and the Future of Coaching:

The overarching theme emphasizes the pivotal role of taking action in realizing one’s goals and living life to the fullest. By harnessing the potential of mindset and translating it into action, individuals can manifest their desired outcomes. Cindy predicts a shifting trend in the coaching industry, with increasing recognition of the significance of mindset and emotions, underscored by empirical science.


In conclusion, this episode delivers a wealth of insights and actionable strategies for infusing ease, flow, and joy into every facet of life. It underscores the transformative power of mindset and the importance of translating it into tangible action steps. Cindy’s invaluable tips for crafting an empowering morning routine, coupled with the introduction of “the model,” offer listeners practical tools for change. This episode is an engaging and enlightening resource that equips individuals with the wisdom to embark on their journey toward optimal living.

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