Ask Karen Ep 14 Special Guest Elaine Molloy

Elaine Molloy is a therapy, energy healing and muscle testing. She has 23 years experience helping people with their problems on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Her work is a cocreation with spirit in that she is told what information the client needs to hear.

She can also see where your blocks are held in your body and mind and helps you to unravel and release them. Healing can be instant and life-changing. Elaine is also an energy healing teacher. She specializes in teaching Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing a powerful form of energy healing that originated in Hawaii.

She also teaches her own modality called Divine Light Healing Wisdom. This is a modality that she channeled and wrote from Spirit. It focuses on Sacred geometry and the healing energy held within the symbols.

Elaine can be reached by email at

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