Episode #81 Being aligned – when your head, heart and gut are aligned.

Tina supports individuals and teams to flourish, enabling them to move forward in ways they cannot imagine.

Her whole person approach supports you to overcome psychological blocks, rebalance, reframe your internal narrative, and make long lasting changes. To own and believe in your uniqueness.

If your heart isn’t in it, or you know in your gut that something isn’t right, you are unlikely to feel fulfilled or happy. It isn’t just your mind but also your body that starts to resist your current situation.

Tina moved into Coaching following 30 years working within Human Resources and Executive Search. During this time supporting individuals at points of transition it was rarely the surface level “what’s going on” that was the real issue, it was the “what’s really going on”. This is where feelings and emotions have a massive part to play and the stories that we tell ourselves about our career and our abilities.

In her last role, as Head of an Interim Practice for a highly regarded search firm, Tina worked with individuals within a range of industry sectors, including FTSE 100 organisations. She understands how culture, organisation change, and transformation can impact individuals, and how events in our personal lives affect our perspective on work and our careers.

Tina provides a trusting space to focus on you, in a world full of time pressures and distractions.

She is a Licensed Career Coach and BACP Registered Integrative Coach and Therapist, using techniques that support both professional and personal development, an approach called Personal Consultancy.

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