In the 150th episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast, we delve into an inspiring transformation journey with Amy Shearer. A former fashion retail executive, Amy shifted her career to become an emotional wellness facilitator and embodiment coach. Join us as we explore her path to empowerment, the significance of breathwork, and the profound importance of being connected with oneself.

Realization and Transformation

Amy begins by sharing a pivotal moment during a vacation in Kauai. In that picturesque setting, she felt an overwhelming sense of disconnection and depression. This moment of vulnerability opened her eyes to the root causes of her physical ailments, chronic stress, and emotional detachment. It also marked the beginning of her journey towards understanding and addressing her desires and needs.

In a heartfelt conversation with Karen Roberts, Amy discusses how our bodies communicate with us, often revealing the impact of chronic stress on our lives, including our relationships. They emphasize the importance of self-care, vulnerability, and personal growth in reclaiming our sense of self and well-being.

Unlocking the Power of Breathwork

The podcast takes an intriguing turn towards the benefits of breathwork. Amy elucidates how breathwork can help release pent-up emotions and trapped energy within the body. This transformative practice can shift states of consciousness, clear out negativity, and ultimately lead to profound relaxation and relief.

Karen and Amy discuss the emotional aspects of breathwork, as it can bring forth feelings of sadness or anger. They underscore the importance of patience in the process, as many individuals may shy away from breathwork in pursuit of instant results. Additionally, they delve into different breathwork techniques, including the three-part conscious connected breath, often employed in healing ceremonies by shamans.

Mindset, Emotions, and Somatic Work

Amy generously shares her experiences with mindset, emotional, and somatic work. These practices have enabled her to foster self-compassion and a deeper understanding of her emotions. She stresses the significance of acknowledging emotions, expressing them compassionately, and engaging in dialogues that prioritize nurturing relationships.

Through nervous system regulation and emotional exploration, individuals can gain awareness of their triggers and embark on a journey of healing. Amy underscores the transformative potential of breathwork, meditative movement, walking meditation, and expressive movement in nurturing relationships and achieving personal empowerment.

Spirituality and Connection with Self

Amy and Karen delve into the profound topic of spirituality and its interconnectedness with the body. They argue that the body plays a pivotal role in one’s spiritual journey and advocate for honoring and working with it. Both hosts share their personal experiences of feeling disconnected from their bodies and how breathwork facilitated a deeper spiritual connection.

The Societal Shift Towards Holistic Health

The episode culminates in a discussion about the evolving societal perspective on mental health and spirituality. It brings together all facets of health to create a holistic approach. The conversation reinforces the importance of self-awareness regarding our needs and values as a means to prevent burnout and lead a fulfilling life.


In this transformative episode, Amy Shearer’s journey from depletion to empowerment offers valuable insights into the significance of self-connection, spirituality, and holistic wellness. The episode serves as a practical guide for individuals seeking to overcome people-pleasing tendencies and rediscover fulfillment in their lives. If you’re experiencing stress, disconnection, or a misalignment with your desires and needs, this episode provides guidance and inspiration to embark on your own transformative journey.

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