Introduction: Welcome to The Coffee with Karen podcast! In this enlightening episode (Episode 184), we have a special guest, Marcus Svedin, a YouTube ads specialist and co-founder of Titan Marketer. Marcus shares his incredible journey from being an industrial electrician to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the world of YouTube ads. Alongside his partner Ben, Marcus has helped countless business owners add six to seven figures to their businesses through the power of YouTube ads.

The Journey of Resilience: Marcus opens up about the challenges they faced when starting their own business, including a significant income drop and the temptation to give up. Discover how they persevered, burning all bridges and continuing to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Marcus reflects on the rollercoaster of emotions, the late nights, and the sacrifices made to turn their business around. You’ll be inspired by their resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

YouTube vs. Facebook Advertising: Marcus compares YouTube advertising to Facebook advertising, highlighting the superior targeting capabilities and untapped potential of YouTube. Learn how YouTube ads allow for precise targeting based on user behavior, interests, and search terms, providing a unique opportunity to reach the right audience. Discover the quality of traffic on YouTube, where users actively seek answers and solutions, making your ads more authentic and relatable to viewers hungry for authenticity and truth. Authenticity matters more than professional looks.

The Power of YouTube Ads: The hosts share their personal experiences with creating YouTube ads, including a story of a simple ad that generated six figures in just two months. They debunk misconceptions and fears surrounding YouTube ads, encouraging you to overcome the fear of being on camera and highlighting the importance of authenticity in your content. Learn how to create effective YouTube ad campaigns, optimize your sales process, and convert traffic into leads through their coaching approach.

Understanding the Sales Process: This episode also delves into the often-overlooked importance of understanding the sales process. Gain valuable insights into dealing with objections, the significance of pricing, and the role of self-valuation. The hosts recommend two impactful books that have helped them increase profitability and provide practical advice for applying the knowledge to your own sales efforts.

Conclusion: This episode of The Coffee with Karen podcast is a goldmine of knowledge, inspiration, and actionable tips for entrepreneurs, marketers, and professionals in the helping industry. Tune in to learn from Marcus Svedin, a YouTube ads specialist, as he shares his journey, the power of YouTube advertising, and the rewards of embracing new opportunities. Gain insights from the hosts’ experiences, overcome your fears, and unlock the potential of YouTube ads and the sales process. Get ready to take your business to new heights!



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