In a powerful episode of the “Coffee with Karen” podcast, host Karen Roberts sits down with Angela Turpin, a trauma healer, self-sabotage slayer, and transformation coach. Together, they delve deep into the often overlooked but critical topics of healing trauma and overcoming self-sabotage. Angela shares her personal journey of healing from various forms of abuse, a journey that not only transformed her life but inspired her to help other women do the same. This conversation is a beacon of hope, guiding listeners towards turning their fears and past stories into limitless power, unwavering self-trust, and magnetic energy.

The Impact of Trauma

Trauma can take many forms, and its effects are far-reaching. As Karen and Angela discuss, trauma can manifest in various ways, such as struggles with weight, fear of being seen or heard, and difficulties in relating to children. It’s not something that only affects our emotional well-being; it has a profound impact on how we see ourselves and our self-esteem. Healing from trauma is not just a personal journey; it’s essential for building a successful and fulfilling life.

Journaling as a Healing Tool

One valuable tool that Angela suggests for starting the healing process is journaling. It provides a safe and effective way to explore your thoughts and emotions, helping you untangle the web of trauma that may have held you back for years. Writing down your experiences, fears, and feelings can be cathartic and eye-opening, allowing you to gradually release the pain that trauma has inflicted.

Navigating the Media and Fear

In the later part of the podcast, Karen and Angela delve into the issue of mainstream media and its role in perpetuating fear. While it’s essential to stay informed, they agree that inundating people with fear is not the solution. Being aware is one thing, but living in a constant state of fear can have detrimental effects on our mental and emotional well-being. They encourage listeners to be discerning consumers of information and not succumb to the fear-driven narratives that media often presents.

Angela’s Healing Work

In the final part of the podcast, Angela sheds light on her work and the resources she offers to those looking to heal and break free from self-sabotage. She provides courses and one-on-one sessions, guiding individuals through the process of unlearning unhealthy childhood conditioning and putting an end to self-sabotage patterns. Angela emphasizes that healing is not a destination but an ongoing journey, much like life itself. While many may seek a quick fix, the truth is that true healing takes time, commitment, and a willingness to face our inner demons.


The “Coffee with Karen” podcast episode featuring Angela Turpin is a must-listen for anyone seeking to heal from trauma and break free from self-sabotage. It serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment, offering valuable insights into the journey of transformation. By turning past traumas into sources of strength and resilience, you can tap into your limitless potential, trust yourself unconditionally, and radiate magnetic energy that attracts positivity into your life. Healing is a journey worth embarking on, and this episode provides the guidance you need to take those first steps towards a brighter, empowered future.

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