Welcome to another enlightening episode of the podcast, where we dive deep into the realms of holistic wellbeing and energy healing. In this episode, host Karen Roberts is joined by the remarkable Tenya, a certified self-care coach and energy healer. Tenya brings a unique approach to energy healing that deviates from conventional medicine and encourages individuals to nurture positive energy for healing to take place.

Energy Healing Unveiled

Karen Roberts starts the conversation by asking Tenya to explain what energy healing is. Tenya eloquently describes it as a holistic method of healing that transcends the boundaries of the physical body. It encompasses the mental body, emotional body, and the very essence of our beings. Unlike conventional treatments that merely address symptoms, energy healing delves deep to the root cause of issues, working on emotions and limiting beliefs.

Tenya’s Personal Journey

Tenya’s journey into energy healing is deeply personal. She shares her lifelong battle with anxiety and depression, compounded by her mother’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder during her childhood. Witnessing her mother’s struggles with mental health and observing the limitations of traditional medical approaches left a lasting impression on Tenya.

In 2019, Tenya reached a breaking point. Her battle with depression had brought her to the precipice, and she felt compelled to find a solution. The conventional route, involving therapy and medication, proved ineffective. It was then that she discovered the transformative power of energy healing, a turning point that led her to a path of healing and self-discovery.

The Mind-Body Connection

Karen and Tenya delve into the profound link between emotional baggage, stress, trauma, and physical ailments. They emphasize that many autoimmune diseases are triggered by stress, trauma, and anxiety. Over the past few decades, autoimmune diseases have seen a significant rise, underscoring the critical need for holistic self-care.

Breaking Societal Conditioning

The conversation touches upon how society conditions individuals to believe that prioritizing self-care is selfish. The hosts argue that setting boundaries is crucial for self-preservation, and the societal belief that self-care is selfish needs to be challenged. Distractions like television and media play a significant role in preventing individuals from paying attention to their emotional needs.

The Uncomfortable Path of Self-Care

Tenya expands on the notion that self-care isn’t always enjoyable, but it is essential for mental and physical well-being. It encompasses practices such as meditation, journaling, setting boundaries, embracing emotions, mindful nutrition, and healthy sleep habits. These actions might not always be easy, but they are profoundly beneficial.

Starting Small for Big Change

The discussion shifts to the idea that even small steps, such as daily walks, can create a substantial impact on one’s overall well-being and fitness goals. Self-care and energy healing, the hosts explain, go hand in hand, helping clear emotional baggage and providing tools for ongoing self-improvement.

Empowering Belief Transformation

Beliefs are powerful and can significantly impact one’s self-trust and personal growth. The hosts delve into the influence of media and advertising on shaping beliefs. They share insights into their work with individuals suffering from anxiety, helping them undergo rapid transformation by reprogramming their beliefs.

Transformations and Self-Discovery

Karen and Tenya conclude the episode by discussing the profound transformations they’ve witnessed in their clients. These transformations span various aspects of life, from starting successful businesses and securing promotions to teaching children emotional acceptance. The overarching message is clear: self-care on an energetic and subconscious level has the power to facilitate healing and growth.


This captivating episode sheds light on the transformative potential of energy healing and self-care. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of nurturing one’s energy, addressing emotional baggage, and challenging societal conditioning to embark on a journey of holistic healing and self-discovery. Energy healing, as explored by Tenya and Karen, offers a path to unlock your healing power and live life to its fullest.

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