Welcome to an exceptional episode of our podcast, where we have the privilege of sitting down with Laban Ditchburn, known as the world’s best courage coach. In this captivating conversation, we delve into the inspiring journey of a man who triumphed over addiction and transformed himself into a beacon of hope for countless others. Laban’s story is a testament to the incredible power of courage, determination, and the transformative potential of surrounding oneself with the right people.

Laban’s Journey to Transformation

Laban begins by taking us back to his darkest moment when he hit rock bottom. It was in this moment of despair that he found the courage to seek help and embark on a path of recovery. His journey was far from easy, as he battled addiction and faced physical challenges, but his sheer determination and conscious efforts eventually led him to conquer his demons and discover his true purpose in life.

One of the key takeaways from Laban’s journey is the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive and like-minded individuals. Even when we don’t immediately see engagement or feedback on social media, our impact can be profound. This thought-provoking discussion sets the stage for an inspiring and transformative podcast experience.

The Power of Starting a Podcast

Laban’s story doesn’t stop at overcoming addiction; he goes on to share his experience of starting a podcast. Despite facing financial setbacks and personal struggles, Laban’s passion and commitment never wavered. He embraced every opportunity to learn and grow, even when he didn’t have all the answers.

Laban’s turning point came during a period of strict lockdowns when he felt an undeniable urge to share his voice with the world. With only 10 subscribers, he reached out to his idol, Les Brown, and to his surprise, Les agreed to be a guest on his show. During their conversation, something magical happened.

The Turning Point

Les Brown recognized Laban’s potential and encouraged him to write a book based on his gambling background, titled “Bet On You.” Les outlined a blueprint for success, including turning the book into a keynote speech and a three-day retreat. In a moment of audacity, Laban promised to deliver the book by a specific date, despite never having written anything significant before.

Within a mere six weeks, Laban fulfilled his promise and delivered the first draft of the book to Les Brown. This process completely changed his life as Les followed through with his commitment, wrote a remarkable foreword, and endorsed the book. Laban’s newfound momentum and confidence led to connections with other influential individuals, including Nobel Prize winners, Olympic gold medalists, and renowned personalities.

Creating a Platform and Inviting Heroes

Laban emphasizes the power of creating a platform and inviting heroes into it. He highlights the importance of approaching these opportunities from a place of service, adding value to others’ lives rather than solely seeking personal gain. Through this approach, Laban formed meaningful relationships, friendships, partnerships, and joint ventures.

Laban is quick to remind us that his success did not come from luck but from taking action and overcoming fears and imposter syndrome. He encourages listeners to pursue their own dreams and reminds them that there is ample room for like-minded individuals to connect and make an impact.


As the podcast draws to a close, Laban’s message resonates deeply. Everyone has the potential to achieve similar success if they take action and refuse to let self-limiting beliefs hold them back. Overcoming the fear of rejection and the notion that “little old me” isn’t worthy of approaching influential individuals is key. Laban’s story is a testament to the fact that anyone can achieve greatness by overcoming obstacles and taking decisive action.

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