In a thought-provoking episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast, host Karen Roberts welcomes a special guest, Ryan J Mayer, for a candid conversation that challenges preconceived notions about ADHD. Together, they explore the groundbreaking concept from Dr. Ned Hollowell and Dr. Ratey’s book, “ADHD 2.0,” which suggests that ADHD should be viewed as a trait rather than a disorder. This episode encourages listeners to celebrate their ADHD as a unique part of their identity, complete with its own set of strengths and virtues.

Understanding ADHD as a Trait, Not a Disorder:

The podcast episode begins with an exploration of the analogy proposed by Dr. Hollowell and Dr. Ratey, drawing parallels between ADHD and inherent traits like height. This fresh perspective revolutionizes the traditional understanding of ADHD, shifting the focus from deficiency to diversity. By likening ADHD to something as inherent and unchangeable as height, Ryan and Karen inspire listeners to embrace their ADHD as an integral part of their identity.

The Multifaceted Nature of ADHD:

Ryan Mayer shares his personal journey of leveraging his strengths and building a supportive team to flourish in his career. This narrative resonates with Karen’s experiences, reinforcing the idea that the right path often aligns with one’s inherent strengths and passions. The discussion highlights that within ADHD, strengths and challenges coexist, and by recognizing these strengths, individuals can harness their potential.

Unconditional Self-Acceptance:

A significant theme emerges as Ryan and Karen underline the importance of unconditional self-acceptance. They emphasize that a person’s worth transcends professional performance, urging listeners to embrace their individuality without judgment. Ryan’s insights into the limitations of the corporate world in assessing human value serve as a powerful reminder that true fulfillment comes from holistic growth, encompassing personal passions, meaningful relationships, and self-discovery.

Accessing Resources for Growth:

Listeners are encouraged to explore Ryan’s wealth of resources available on platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. He introduces a groundbreaking text message-based course tailored to provide daily guidance, practical takeaways, and strategic solutions for navigating the challenges often associated with ADHD. An exclusive 30% discount is offered to Coffee with Karen listeners using the code “Karen30.”

Silver Linings from Challenging Times:

In a poignant conclusion, Ryan and Karen reflect on the silver linings that emerged from the lockdown period. They highlight the increased awareness and reassessment of life’s priorities as positive outcomes of challenging times. The episode wraps up with heartfelt gratitude and a call to action for listeners to embark on a journey of self-acceptance, tapping into their potential, and uncovering their unique strengths.


To engage in this enlightening conversation and embark on a transformative journey of embracing individuality, cultivating strengths, and fostering self-love, listeners are encouraged to tune into the Coffee with Karen podcast. Through Ryan and Karen’s dynamic dialogue, a path towards holistic self-discovery and empowerment awaits. Don’t miss this opportunity to redefine your perspective on ADHD and embrace it as a unique and valuable trait in your life.

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