In our latest podcast episode, we are delighted to welcome Skye Wagner, a certified life coach, writer, artist, energy healer, and Reiki practitioner. Join us as we engage in a captivating conversation about the profound significance of vulnerability, self-expression, and self-love from a mental, physical, and spiritual perspective.

Skye Wagner: A Guide to Inner Light and Self-Love

Skye brings 13 years of experience as a life coach to the table, where her focus is on helping individuals define their inner light, true beauty, and unique essence. Drawing from her extensive knowledge, tools, and experiences, Skye is dedicated to guiding people on a transformative journey to love themselves for who they are and to show up in the world with authenticity and purpose.

Exploring the World of Reiki and Energy Healing

The conversation commences with an exploration of Reiki, a healing technique that works with the body’s chakra system—the energy centers responsible for various types of energy and personality traits. Skye shares insights into how Reiki involves connecting with source energy, a concept that varies among individuals. She explains how Reiki unlocks and connects the energy within the body with the divine, facilitating a harmonious flow. The conversation further delves into the growing understanding of the profound effects of energy on the body, encompassing emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Embracing Vulnerability: The Key to Emotional Balance

The discussion then takes a pivotal turn towards vulnerability. Skye underscores the importance of acknowledging and processing both positive and negative emotions. She encourages listeners not to judge their emotions as good or bad but rather to embrace them as an integral part of life’s tapestry. The conversation touches on the concept of spiritual bypassing, where individuals avoid negative emotions and attempt to maintain a constant positive outlook, which can ultimately have adverse effects on the body and psyche.

The Art of “Being” and Finding Balance

Skye emphasizes the significance of achieving a balance between productivity and moments of being throughout the day. She introduces the concept of “practicing being,” which involves weaving moments of unthinking, thinking, and doing into daily life. Skye’s approach challenges the conventional notion of being busy for the sake of it and encourages individuals to find a balance that aligns with their well-being. She shares personal experiences that highlight the productivity and fulfillment that stem from moments of being amid periods of doing.

Breaking Free from Societal Expectations

Skye addresses the negative connotations often associated with taking breaks and the misconception of being perceived as lazy when practicing moments of being. She encourages listeners to unlearn these societal norms and embrace the practice of being kinder to themselves. Skye believes that allowing oneself to take breaks and acknowledge the importance of being is essential for achieving balance, increased productivity, and lasting happiness.

Inspiration and Transformation

In the latter part of the episode, Skye shares her inspirations and influences, including notable figures such as Abraham Hicks, Neil Donald Walsh, and Rebecca Campbell. She recommends the book “The Crossroads of Should and Must,” a practical guide to uncovering one’s true path by dismantling self-imposed “shoulds.” Skye emphasizes that inspiration can come from unexpected encounters with strangers and believes that everyone has something valuable to offer.

Empowering Transformations

Skye’s coaching approach revolves around guiding her clients to arrive at their decisions, rather than dictating what they should do. She derives immense satisfaction and energy from witnessing people’s transformations and guiding them towards their true potential.


This podcast episode is a profound exploration of self-expression and self-love, as seen through the lens of vulnerability, emotional balance, and the art of “being.” Karen and Skye’s conversation is thought-provoking and empowering, leaving listeners with a deep understanding of the importance of showing up authentically for oneself and the world. Tune in to “Coffee with Karen” every week for more enlightening discussions on holistic health, current affairs, and topics that span the mental, physical, and spiritual spectrum.

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