Beverly Price is a divorce coach, podcast host, and woman on a mission. She wants women in divorce to feel confident, strong, intelligent, and beautiful so they can live the fabulous lives they were meant to.

As a divorce coach, she provides knowledge, support, and insight to help women going through the emotional challenges of divorce. With over 44% of marriages ending, 67% of second, and 74% of third marriages failing each year, she helps women navigate the divorce process – from contemplating divorce, dealing with the legal and financial process, communication with the husband, to overcoming divorce and transitioning to a thriving life of empowerment, self-love and fulfillment.

While most women seek out legal and financial help during this time in their lives, few women pay attention to and invest in their emotional health and well-being, causing them to not live their fullest life.

They are so trained to make everyone else’s life better, that they have discounted our own needs. This was Beverly’s case. Beverly came from a family that took care of all her physical and material needs, but wasn’t equipped to foster self-worth and self-love that she needed.

She felt the love was conditional and was based on achievement. This followed her even when she had an MBA, it wasn’t enough. With a background as a leader in the financial services industry, Beverly made herself small in order to make others feel safe.

She sacrificed her voice and authentic self to fit in. While in the corporate world, she focused on fitting into a man’s world. Everyone thought she was a confident, secure business woman because of how she looked and acted.

They didn’t know that she was scared and insecure on the inside. She was the ultimate imposter. Beverly has a history of finding herself in toxic relationships both personal and professional, with domestic violence and more.

Not having much internal strength or self-worth to start with, she let these relationships further the destruction of her self-esteem and self-confidence. She didn’t have the strength to stop it, and she didn’t think she deserved any better.

As a result, she felt like she was both a personal and professional failure. She went from one bad marriage to the next, not learning from her mistakes, and not realizing that she was the common denominator in the failures. She kept finding herself in abusive relationships and didn’t understand why.

She always would blame her misery on them. She lived with a victim mentality saying, “If you had that husband, or if you’d been through that awful divorce, or if you had been married as many times as I had, you’d feel like I do too.”

She got the Divorce Spiral. Until… she got in enough pain, her fear always won out. She wasn’t going to change anything about her or her situations. Then one day it happened. Her ex-husband said, “Beverly, you make everyone’s life miserable that you come into contact with.” And she had to agree that he was right, no matter what anyone else did. T

he pain became too great, her Divorce Spiral raged on. She discovered her solution, her only solution, was to accept her reality, change herself, and stop comparing and stop blaming others for her pain.

But this time, she was willing to do the emotional work, and make an investment in herself, and her emotional health. When she finally embraced her ability to own her power and make a statement, she went from self-doubt to self-love.

Her transformation was apparent in both her exterior appearance and her internal confidence, and this is the transformation that Beverly supports her client in creating after a divorce.

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