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Stay Sane With Jane, the show that helps you and your business to thrive not just survive!

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Female led wellness businesses working from home or mobile, who are struggling with being seen, getting enough clients, having a regular income and getting their work/life balance correct.


Illuminate is a 16 week intensive journey to Connect, Co-Create and Activate Success into your wellness business. I am with you every step of the way on this journey, helping you to align to what you and the business desire. £2,000

Harmony Business Academy Monthly Membership is a safe space to grow with like minded businesses, we have 2 group sessions a month which flow with the moon cycles, the first is focused on business coaching and the second is a healing and meditative process £111pm

5 Key Lessons to Kick Starting Your Wellness Business is a 5 lesson mini course, which gives you a lesson, Q&A and Healing every day for 5 days to kick start your wellness business. £50


Jane Scanlan is “The Queen of Making It Simple”, she helps stressed, overwhelmed and under paid Massage Therapists, Healers and Holistic Therapists globally to illuminate their businesses, gain a steady stream of reliable soul clients, whilst increasing their monthly income.

She boasts more than 15 years of experience within the health and wellness industry, she open her therapies business in 2010, and her coaching company in 2020, and runs face to face and online memberships, which are based in her the local area (Dorset and London), and globally via online platforms. Jane Scanlan…

Published Amazon Self Help Best Selling Co-Author with “Voices of Hope” Published Co-Author of the Living Book “Voices Of Joy” Published Co-Author of “UPLIFT” Received business awards from BHStar Awards and SMBN Awards, Featured in The Sun Online Featured in Time & Leisure Magazine, page 30

Stay Sane With Jane

Wednesdays 6am EST/ 11am GMT