Kay Hamilton

Coach and Vibrational Mentor

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Kay’s works with those who are ready to transmute whatever is holding them back from stepping in to their courage and are ready to live a life of passion and vitality with purpose.


COMPLIMENTARY WELLNESS CLARITY CALL This session is for you if you are curious about how you can start your journey of activating your passion, vitality and purpose.

ONE ON ONE CLARITY TRANSFORMATIONAL SESSION Kay has created a powerful one on one session for those who are ready to step into their courage to anchor, ignite and succeed with their intentional inner transformation. Integrating several modalities including intuition, pure essential oils, colour energy, intention and affirmations.

You will receive your signature piece of art created during your session, along with affirmations and essential oil recommendations to anchor, ignite and succeed with your desired changes


Kay Hamilton through ‘Uplifting Conversations’, inspires you to step into your inner courage, lift your vibration and achieve what you desire in life.

Kay, the Courage Activator has a deep inner wisdom and knowledge of simple, effective strategies that incorporate pure essential oils that support you to increase passion, vitality and purpose for you and your family.

Pure Essential oils offer a natural, safe, and extremely effective option to support a healthy happy lifestyle.

Uplifting Conversations with Kay Hamilton

Tuesdays 5am EST/ 10am GMT