Megan Henry

Actor, Writer, Speaker, Author


Anyone living or wanting to live in their heart, challenge convention and status quo, activate and amplify their superpowers for the elevation of humanity and the desire to shift from a transactional to transformational life.


Actor, Speaker, Writer, Author and essential oil ( seed to seal) brand ambassador. Essential oils are a potent activator of higher frequencies, grounding and super power activation.


Give yourself permission to fully express YOU and let your expansion be playful and sexy Sharing anecdotes, sass, tips and tricks that have and continue to transform my life from a transactional life of meh and limited to transforMEHtional, sexy, playful and magical. Becoming and being who YOU truly and amplifying your superpowers, can be a delicious and seductive dance of discovery and integration with your divine nature, for the benefit of all.


The Permission Slip With Megan Henry

Thursdays 8pm EDT EST/ 2am BST (Friday)