Welcome back to another enriching episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast! In this special episode, we are joined by Geoffrey Schmidt, a seasoned mindset business coach with a remarkable journey of building and selling three successful companies. Geoffrey’s wealth of experience in the world of business and coaching provides invaluable insights into the crucial role of mindset, NRP, hypnosis, and business strategies.

From Surfing to Coaching: Geoffrey’s Journey:

Geoffrey’s journey begins with his entrepreneurial spirit, kickstarting a surfing company in his mid-twenties. This venture skyrocketed to success, attracting the attention of press, Hollywood, and international clients. However, despite the financial success, Geoffrey realized he was unfulfilled. He shares his pivot towards coaching and helping others achieve success, underscoring the importance of being coachable and harnessing NRP and hypnosis to conquer limiting beliefs and nurture a growth-oriented mindset.

Lessons from Building a Cosmetics Empire:

Geoffrey also delves into his experience of creating a cosmetics company from scratch, a journey that started at the green market. As the business expanded, he faced the challenges of managing a team, dealing with diverse mindsets, and the pressure of running a large operation. He underscores the importance of maintaining balance and focus, offering a practical test to evaluate one’s success, freedom, and happiness.

Mindset: The Make or Break Factor in Business:

Karen and Geoffrey engage in a dynamic conversation about the critical role of mindset in business. They stress that mindset is the distinction that separates success from failure. Mental health in the workplace is highlighted as essential for navigating challenges effectively. Geoffrey’s unique blend of coaching expertise and real-world business experience offers a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.

Mindset Coaching: A Complex Endeavor:

Karen emphasizes the complexity of mindset coaching compared to coaching businesses. She shares an example of a ready-to-go business plan failing due to an unprepared mindset. Scaling without mental readiness can lead to detrimental decisions and business setbacks. The discussion underscores the vital connection between mindset and business success.

Mastering the Art of Delegation and Taking Time Off:

The conversation extends to the art of delegation and the fear of taking vacations. Listeners are encouraged to embrace their environmental conditions and create realistic expectations for time away from work. The fear of losing clients is dissected, emphasizing the possibilities that the universe may offer and the capacity to find new clients. Proper planning and the right mindset are essential tools to conquer fear and stride confidently towards success.


In conclusion, this Coffee with Karen podcast episode underscores the paramount importance of mindset in business coaching and highlights the necessity of mental preparedness to confront any obstacles. It serves as an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to build and scale their businesses and for individuals aiming to enhance their mental and emotional well-being. Geoffrey Schmidt’s inspiring journey and coaching wisdom are powerful tools for anyone on the path to success, both in business and in life.

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