Guest Hana Esselink Hana Esselink is an Intuitive Soul Mentor, a psychic reader and author of The Vanishing Cafe, a spiritual novel on Amazon.

My background is in Public Relations and Communications for a variety of Public and Private Sector organisations, charities and individuals.

My readings and one to one soul mentoring sessions help people become unstuck, whatever that means to them. I’ve worked with many people over the past few years to help inspire and elevate them to a level, where they can rely and trust their own intuition to guide them like a compass in their lives, unblock the areas where they are blocked and also develop more faith (if their faith is lacking) become more confident and trusting in the Divine/God/The Universe.

I also help people to tap into their guides and angels, because we all have them around us at all times and into their true Soul Purpose.

I also have a Facebook Community Page called Elevate Your Inner Self, where I do live guided meditations that I write myself, so you could be guided through the Amazon Jungle or to the beach or a cave. It’s all about grounded ourselves and being fully present in the now moment.

I also have live readings on my page every few weeks and live guests, who talk about a variety of different spiritual topics from healing to near death experiences (mention David Ditchfield) to how to sage and cleanse your house or yourself properly.

My psychic readings are a mix of tarot, psychic and clairvoyant readings and they help people to clarify issues of relationships, money and other major challenges in their lives.

The truth is that most people are stuck, they won’t admit that they are stuck & then they deny that they deny that they are stuck – so MOST PEOPLE ARE LIVING IN DOUBLE DENIAL.

It’s also true that people get used to unhappiness and being stuck. People accept mediocrity and give up. So the sad thing is that you’ve given up on being the best version of yourself and this isn’t limited to where you are globally.

So how can we make the shift we need to? The subconscious mind speaks it’s own language through images, symbols, dreams and flashes of inspiration.

So, the number one top regret of the dying as witnessed by an Australian Palliative nurse called Bronnie Ware in 2012 was ‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life that others expected of me’. Time is a gift, so you want to live TRUE TO YOUR HEART, you don’t want to deny who you are and who you’re here to be.

You came here for a purpose and it’s really important to find that purpose, even in these crazy and scary times.

The reason I care is because I’m fed up of seeing misery around us (way before COVID). I know what it’s like to feel empty and hollow, have destructive relations and be on the brink of giving up, so if I can help one person, then I’m serving humanity!