Nicky Bleasdale

RTT Therapist and Shamanic Healing Practitioner

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Anyone who feels stuck, lacks confidence, has low self esteem, needs to find their voice or their passion, anyone suffering from depression or anxiety or who wants to heal any trauma such as sexual abuse or domestic violence or has self sabotaging behaviours or negative patterns in their life. Also anyone suffering from a physical ailment or health condition who has tried conventional medicine and now wants to explore alternative therapies.


I offer RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) as well as Shamanic Healing (Soul Retrieval, Shadow Work, Energy Healing and Journeying).

I also offer coaching to help people remove any blockages so that they can manifest their desires.


I believe that our subconscious mind holds the key to unlock the root cause of our traumas, limiting beliefs, “dis-ease”and behavioural patterns.

In my early 20’s I started researching near death experiences, metaphysics and ancient shamanic practices. I studied intensely and learned as much as I could about the esoteric, the laws of the universe, energy, human consciousnesses, the power of the mind and the correlation between the mind and physical ailments.

In 2012 I had an awakening which led me to do deep shadow work on myself and through a dedicated spiritual practice of meditation, inner work, gratitude, mindfulness and forgiveness, I have strengthened my connection to Source, my inner guidance and intuition which has led me to pursuing a life of service and helping others to heal and evolve. s on exploring who we are at a deep soul level, how we connect to the physical world and engage with the spiritual realm, in order to be the most authentic and powerful version of ourselves possible.

All Talks Of Life

Every other Wednesday at 8pm GMT


All Talks Of Life

Every other Wednesday at 8pm GMT