Pamela Bloomfield

Transformational Mindset Coach


My audience is professional women in their 40’s and 50’s who want freedom to do the one thing they have always wanted to do; create freedom to unearth their dreams, goals and aspirations.


Coaching Your Growth ~ The Reassurance Program is a 12 week mindset transformational 1:1 program offered to professional women to invest in themselves to: *dispel rocks of self- limiting beliefs *create freedom through time management *develop self-confidence *learn to believe in themselves Weekly sessions are conducted via zoom, phone conversations, as needed. A workbook is included for note taking and reflections.


Pamela Bloomfield is a Transformational Mindset Coach and Founder of Coaching Your Growth – The Reassurance Program. Pamela helps to empower professional women to change their lives for the better through mindset transformation. A published author of the book, Speak Mind: Heart is Listening. An endearing wife, mother, and grandmother who understands the importance of family and enjoys spending time with her loved ones. As a woman who served institutions for over 30 years, locally and internationally, she knows first-hand the challenges professional women face today. They feel the burden to make everyone happy, be everything to everyone, and have it all together. This hinders their ability to focus on their needs and business goals because they’re pulled in many directions. The Coaching Your Growth Reassurance Program was designed for women in their 40’s and 50’s who want to make it big in their careers and personal lives without abandoning their sanity. The program takes them through major mindset shifts that allow them to see their worth, time, and energy through a different lens and to understand that they are never starting from scratch. Not only does this help them to uplift their confidence, skills, and wisdom, but they also start to understand the results they bring to the table. Completing the program leaves each client feeling revitalized, empowered, and ready to take on the world.

The Mind Shift Show With Pamela

Wednesdays 10am EDT/ 11am BST