In the latest episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast, host Karen Roberts engages in a captivating conversation with Don Johnson, a seasoned professional trainer and coach. Don’s wealth of experience spans across diverse industries, from corporate giants to family-owned businesses, and even the nonprofit sector. As a certified trainer coach and Myers-Briggs practitioner, Don is well-equipped to shed light on positivity in the workplace and the essence of compassionate leadership.

The Journey to Training and Coaching:

Don begins by sharing his unique journey into the training business, inspired by a profound philosophy he discovered on a teabag tag. He discusses his passion for people, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and demonstrating compassion in all aspects of life. According to Don, these principles are pivotal for success, whether in sales, business, or coaching.

Debunking Sales Stereotypes:

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Don debunks the negative stereotype often associated with salespeople. He draws from his own experiences, highlighting how successful sales are rooted in people skills and the ability to build genuine relationships. Sales, he argues, should not be tarnished by outdated perceptions.

Empowering People and Mental Health Awareness:

Karen and Don delve into the significance of empowering individuals in the workplace. They stress the importance of skill development, purpose, autonomy, and mastery. The conversation emphasizes the need for heightened mental health awareness and the powerful impact of making employees feel valued and appreciated. Personal anecdotes are shared to illustrate the transformative effects of appreciation gestures. The hosts underscore the role of leaders in empowering their staff, emphasizing the consequences of failing to do so.

Remote Work and Its Realizations:

The hosts reflect on the transformative impact of lockdowns on work life, particularly the realization that remote work can be just as productive as office-based work. They explore the Anti Work Group subreddit, reflecting people’s dissatisfaction with rigid work environments and demanding management. Trust, transparency, and flexibility are identified as key elements in building robust worker-management relationships.

Navigating Personality Types in the Workplace:

Don takes a deep dive into the realm of personality types and their influence on workplace interactions. The conversation highlights the challenges that can arise when individuals with varying personality types collaborate, potentially leading to conflicts and misunderstandings. Understanding and accepting these differences are seen as vital steps in fostering a positive work environment.

Adapting and Growing:

The hosts conclude the episode by emphasizing the importance of avoiding rigid categorizations based on personality types. They share personal stories of how their introverted and extroverted daughters found fulfilling jobs that allowed them to thrive and evolve.


This episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast offers an array of practical insights and strategies for cultivating a positive workplace culture. From nurturing relationships and promoting mental health awareness to understanding personality types and embracing remote work, the conversation spans a broad spectrum of essential workplace topics. Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights that enable improved self-awareness, better communication, and more harmonious relationships in the workplace. Tune in to unlock the keys to fostering positivity and productivity in your work environment.

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