I am a Mindset Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Change Expert. I have been empowering people to create their desired futures for over 3 decades.

I coach people in all walks of life to achieve their career, business and personal goals from a place of consistent wellbeing. My individual coaching, group workshops and retreats are all built around the core of creating and maintaining personal wellbeing and life balance.

My vision is a world of confident, happy people who live life to the full because they know how to manage their emotions and can make any situation work for them.

In addition to my private work I also collaborate with a team of wellbeing professionals delivering high quality effective programmes, workshops and coaching for organisations. Designed around the specific needs of a business our services improve the mindset, emotional and physical wellbeing of staff, increasing focus, productivity and enjoyment therefore helping achieve the business goals.




About your Host: I’m Karen Roberts.

I coach and train struggling personal trainers, coaches, consultants, therapists and network marketers and healers how to build their business online using social media without bugging friends and family, without chasing or spamming people and having prospects coming to them.