Episodes #73 Quantum Healing and how everything we have been taught is a lie

Coming from a not so pleasant upbringing, not really understanding the way the world worked as it didn’t make any sense to me, my whole life has been a journey of asking why doesn’t anything make sense.

From going from job to job and not really fitting in anywhere, I decided to make my own way in life.

After losing absolutely everything, home, business, children, it was very clear that everything is rigged. From finances, wars, and particularly health.

Noticing that the majority of GP’s and doctors don’t really care about our health and just want continued customers for big pharma, I went on another journey and that of natural medicines, including plant medicines and diagnosing and healing via bio-resonance, frequencies and old wives tales!



Your Host: Karen Roberts

I coach and train struggling personal trainers, coaches, consultants, therapists and network marketers and healers how to build their business online using social media without bugging friends and family, without chasing or spamming people and having prospects coming to them.

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