In this captivating episode, host Karen Roberts welcomes Andy Way, a renowned author, speaker, and coach, to explore the profound concept of redefining our relationship with adventure. Andy’s inspirational journey and profound insights shed light on how adventure can serve as a powerful coping mechanism during life’s most challenging moments, leading to personal growth, stronger connections with others, and the conquering of our deepest fears and insecurities.

The Conditioning Gap:

Karen and Andy kick off their discussion by diving into the “conditioning gap,” a fundamental concept that lies at the heart of our conditioned behaviors and the new behaviors we aspire to adopt. Our brains are hardwired for safety and survival, often pushing us to remain within our comfort zones. However, this inclination to stay comfortable can hinder our personal growth and cause us to miss out on countless enriching experiences. To counteract this, Karen and Andy introduce the “Living Adventurously” method, a transformative approach comprising five powerful practices designed to infuse our lives with vitality, confidence, and enhanced self-connection.

The Power of Getting Uncomfortable:

The first practice emphasized is “getting uncomfortable.” Surprisingly, this discomfort paves the way for trust, not only in oneself but also in others. It encourages individuals to embrace vulnerability and step outside of their comfort zones, ultimately leading to profound self-discovery and personal growth. By venturing into the unknown, we unlock the door to a deeper level of trust, both within ourselves and within our relationships.

The Thrill of Experimenting and Exploring:

Andy and Karen further explore the practices of “experimenting” and “exploring.” Experimentation encourages us to continuously learn, gain new insights, and embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery. On the other hand, exploration allows us to view the world through fresh eyes, enabling us to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary and recognize previously unnoticed wonders. By embracing these Living Adventurously practices, individuals experience heightened fulfillment and a profound sense of connection with themselves and those around them.

Embracing Discomfort and Conquering Fear:

Fear often acts as a formidable barrier, preventing individuals from pursuing their dreams and unlocking their full potential. Karen and Andy share personal anecdotes illustrating how they were propelled out of their comfort zones and the transformative impact of confronting fear head-on. Listeners are encouraged to embrace discomfort and boldly take on new challenges, even when it means stepping into the unknown.

The Gift of Presence and Playfulness:

The hosts also underline the significance of being fully present in the moment and breaking free from life’s autopilot mode. They stress the importance of injecting adventure and playfulness into one’s life by trying new things and venturing beyond the comfort zone. The episode emphasizes the value of cultivating a balanced mindset, where seriousness and focus coexist harmoniously with moments of play and lightheartedness.

Adventure as a Path to Rebuilding:

Throughout the episode, the conversation delves into the realms of mindset, awareness, and intention. Andy and Karen share personal experiences that illuminate how engaging in adventurous activities, such as riding a motorcycle or bungee jumping, can be a source of boundless joy and a pathway to rediscovering one’s sense of adventure. Adventure, they suggest, can be a powerful tool for rebuilding oneself and reigniting the spark of vitality.

Embracing Laughter and Play:

The hosts conclude their discussion by highlighting the importance of not taking life too seriously and advocating for moments of laughter and playfulness. They delve into the profound impact of laughter on the human spirit and underscore the necessity of allowing ourselves to have fun and indulge in different experiences that refresh and recharge our souls.


Episode after episode, The Coffee with Karen podcast continues to inspire and empower its listeners. In this episode, Karen Roberts and Andy Way invite us to reconsider our relationship with adventure, urging us to embrace discomfort, explore the unknown, and infuse our lives with moments of playfulness and laughter. Their insightful conversation, enriched by personal stories and transformative insights, serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of being present, trying new things, and seeking out adventure and joy in life. As you tune in, prepare to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and redefined adventure.

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