Welcome to a special episode of our podcast, where we dive deep into the inspiring journey of Lori Keesey, an accomplished author, and inspirational blogger. Lori’s story of resilience and reinvention after facing an unimaginable tragedy is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. In this heartfelt conversation, we’ll explore her personal journey, her upcoming debut novel, and the invaluable insights she shares on finding redemption and meaning in the face of despair.

From Dreams to Reality:

Lori’s passion for storytelling began in first grade when she wowed her teacher with a short story about lost puppies. Inspired by Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” she dreamt of creating compelling characters like Scout. After years of devouring novels, Lori is on the cusp of releasing her debut novel, “Always Think of Me,” a unique love story that delves into life’s purpose and second chances.

A Tragic Turn:

Tragedy struck Lori’s family with the sudden loss of their oldest son, shattering their world and forcing them to confront unimaginable grief. Join us as Lori candidly shares the emotional turmoil that followed and the invaluable lessons she learned along the way. From the shock of his passing, she takes us through the challenging journey her family endured.

Embracing Forgiveness and Moving Forward:

Throughout our conversation, Lori emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and moving forward. She delves into the complexities of grief, touching on denial, anger, and regret while highlighting the need to allow these emotions to pass naturally. By openly sharing her own story, Lori hopes to inspire empathy and help others navigate their own grief journeys.

The Power of Unexpected Connections:

We explore the power of unexpected connections and the role they play in our healing process. Lori shares her own encounter with the host, underlining the significance of these encounters and the spice they bring to our existence. By sharing stories, we can find solace and understanding in the experiences of others.

Breaking the Silence Surrounding Grief:

Lori addresses the lack of awareness and societal discomfort surrounding grief, shedding light on how individuals can become stuck in their pain without proper support. Through her blog, “The Accidental Blogger,” she strives to create a safe space where inspiring stories of resilience and triumph over adversity can be shared, fostering empathy and helping others navigate their own grief.

The Power of Faith and Spirituality:

Lori’s faith emerges as a powerful source of healing and acceptance. She reflects on the devastating impact of the opioid crisis on grieving families and shares her belief in the healing power of spirituality. Her unwavering faith has allowed her to find solace and embrace the belief that her son’s time on Earth was a precious gift from a higher power.


Lori Keesey’s journey of resilience and reinvention after tragedy is a powerful reminder that forgiveness, understanding, and the willingness to share our stories can bring solace to those navigating the difficult path of grief. In this podcast episode, you’ll discover how her personal journey can empower you to find your own purpose, leave a lasting legacy, and navigate life’s twists and turns with courage and resilience. Prepare to be moved and inspired by this transformative journey of healing and the power of empathy. Don’t miss this insightful and heartfelt conversation with Lori Keesey. Tune in now and embark on a journey of hope and healing.

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