Rob & Jade Lock

Coaches/International Kangen Distributor


Health Conscious Individuals , Nutritionist, Health Enthusiasts, Gym and Fitness Enthusiasts, Beauticians, Eco-friendly, Environmentalist, Natural Remedy Advocates, Alternative medicines, People who are looking for a lucrative income stream and have the heart in promoting health, wealth, and protecting the environment.


1. Helping you start your Kangen Water business.
2. Ongoing support- We provide mentorship and coaching to help you grow your business.
3. Multiple streams of income- you can sell Kangen Water products online or offline, giving you multiple sources of income.
4. Worldwide market potential- The Kangen Water business has global potential, with customers in over 180 countries.
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Rob and Jade are health conscious parents who want to give their son the best of everything, including good food and quality pH water. They lived in Asia for a time and were aware of the toxicity of bottled water, so they started looking into ways to get around that. Glass bottled water is expensive, so after seeing the benefits of Kangen water on their own health, they started sharing with their friends and family.

They soon realized that Kangen water has a lucrative opportunity for people looking to start their own business – both offline and online. As an International Distributor for Kangen Water, they are able to stay at home and homeschool their son while helping others achieve better health.