Welcome back to The Coffee with Karen podcast, where we serve up your weekly cup of positivity with a sprinkle of woo. In episode 152, Karen Roberts, the show’s host, invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and abundance with the inspiring Sarah Proia, a reality designer. Together, they explore the profound impact of spirituality, overcoming trauma, and the limitless possibilities of leading a spirit-led life.

From Darkness to Light:

Sarah Proia begins by sharing her personal story, one that was marred by tragedy as she experienced her father’s murder at just 12 years old. She candidly describes how she felt a dark cloud following her for years, leaving her feeling like she didn’t quite fit in. However, Sarah’s remarkable transformation began when she realized the need to embrace her spirituality and recognize that there are no ceilings on what she can achieve.

The Power of Positivity:

Sarah’s journey led her to discover the transformative power of positivity. She recounts how she trained herself to shift from negative emotions to positive ones, sparking a series of unexpected positive experiences, from free coffee to finding the best parking spots. Encouraged by these small victories, Sarah took it a step further and started working with money. Today, she lives a life aligned with her passions and witnesses opportunities effortlessly manifest.

Faith Over Fear:

The conversation between Karen and Sarah delves deep into the role of fear in blocking abundance. They emphasize the importance of having faith and trust as pathways to a life filled with joy. Sarah firmly believes that her higher power did not place her on this Earth to suffer, and as long as what she experiences brings her joy, she will be provided for.

Karen’s Success Story:

In a captivating segment, Karen shares her own journey, detailing her move from London to Portugal and the establishment of her fitness studio. She attributes her success to the advice of Bob Proctor, who advocates “burning the boats” when pursuing a significant goal. Karen further explores the concept of detachment from outcomes, emphasizing how the desire for something can create a sense of lack, ultimately pushing it away.

Timeline Hopping and Quantum Physics:

The podcast takes an intriguing turn as Karen discusses the concept of “timeline hopping.” She introduces the idea that we can shift from one reality to another and touches upon intriguing phenomena, such as the shifting location of the heart in the human body. Karen invites listeners to consider their place in the “timeline” and explores the connection between quantum physics and our understanding of reality.

Unlocking Creativity, Spirituality, and Intuition:

The final segment of the podcast reveals Karen’s passion for helping people tap into their creativity, spirituality, and intuition. She shares her ambitious vision of creating a non-profit resort in Costa Rica, where individuals can gather to learn, grow, and connect. Workshops in gardening, meditation, journaling, pottery, jewelry making, carpentry, and more will be offered to encourage people to be passionate about their lives, listen to their hearts and souls, and fulfill their purpose.

Embrace the Present Moment:

Throughout this enlightening episode, the central message remains clear: embrace the present moment, accept life’s struggles, and find happiness without judgment or ego. As Karen and Sarah inspire us to imagine a life with nothing, we discover the profound impact of spirituality, creativity, and overcoming struggles in finding our true purpose.


Episode 152 of The Coffee with Karen podcast is a testament to the transformative power of spirituality, positivity, and self-discovery. It serves as a reminder that embracing abundance and purpose requires faith, trust, and a willingness to let go of fear. Whether you’re on a quest for personal growth or seeking inspiration to follow your dreams, this episode offers valuable insights and a profound sense of empowerment. Tune in and embark on your journey towards a life led by the spirit and filled with abundance.

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