I help women like you to feel fitter, healthier and more confident.

I’ve been in the health, fitness and wellness industries ever since my first job teaching Step Aerobics way back in 1993.

I’ve worked in London and around Europe as a qualified personal trainer and sports therapist, have run my own Fitness Studio and am now an inspirational coach for individuals and corporates.

I lead FREE 10-day challenges and run membership programs drawing on my experience with mindset, nutrition and exercise. I am also an author and speaker.

Radio Show/Podcast

Weekly Radio Show Mondays at 9 am EDT 2 pm GMT



A Coffee With Karen – A cup of positivity with just a sprinkling of wu wu. Topics will cover everything from holistic health to current affairs, each week our guest will share their story and discuss the topic giving their perspective either from a mental, physical or spiritual point of view.


I am very passionate about what I teach, after over 27 years in the Fitness and Wellness industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to educate others to be the best version of themselves.
Keynotes will be tailored to your event and audience.

Business Building

Build A Business Working From Home

I am always looking to partner with people who are looking to build a business working from home with my help.

I have partnered with a company who offer solutions to todays lifestyle to stay healthy and prevent illness and disease.


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What You Will Learn

LCHF And Keto Recipes
Weight Loss And Diet Myths Revealed

Detoxing The Body


Neutralizing EMF Radiation


Absorbing The Right Nutrients


Vibrational Healing

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