Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Healers

 Experienced In What They Do But…. The Best Kept Secret?   Great At Giving….Maybe Not So Good At Receiving….. Sound Familiar?

I help women like you to feel good, find their ‘MOJO’, get clear on what THEY want increase their confidence and achieve their goals

Finding ‘MOJO’ is a 5 day challenge, giving women clarity on where exaclty they want to be and why and creating a specific roadmap to help them get there.

This is like giving people a test drive to my flagship program ‘6 Figures And Beyond Academy’

There are so many coaches out there promising this that and the other….. how do you know where to turn, who to trust. In my experience you can get a good idea working with someone for just a couple of weeks.

Clarity for me, is very underated, so once you have that, then having a daily method of operation in place and a formula for converting prospects into buyers as most people squirm at having the ‘sales conversation’.

We break it down and make it easy, without being pushy. Once you have completed the 5 day, you will have the option to upgrade to program, with lifetime access. For total transparency, if you’re interested book a call, if not we wish you nothing but the best.

Business Building

Additional Streams Of Income

I am always looking to partner with people who are looking to build a business working from home with my help.

If you have a passion for holistic health, or are already a coach in the health and wellness industry and need help to get to 6 figures and beyond, book a discovery call now

Network Marketing – MLM

Direct Sales

Radio Show/Podcast

Weekly Radio Show Mondays at 9 am EDT 2 pm GMT



A Coffee With Karen – A cup of positivity with just a sprinkling of wu wu. Topics will cover holistic health and business from  a mental, physical or spiritual point of view.

Finding ‘MOJO’ Live Events and Retreats

Combining my own program and my radio show/podcast, we are coming back into the live event arena.

Not just a day of listening to speakers but a day to experience a variety of modalities aswell as learning about certain topics

* Manifesting * Shadow work * Reiki  * Angelic Reiki * Energy Healing * Meditation * Gong Bath * Yoga * Breathwork * Chakra Balancing

And much more….





What You Will Learn


Growing Your Audience


Building Influence


Converting Prospects Into Buyers


Health And Wellness Articles


Mindset Training


Vibrational Healing