Unveiling Next Level NLP: A Journey into Mindset and Growth with Sherry Cutter

Ready to unlock the secrets of Next Level NLP and harness the power of your subconscious mind for profound personal growth? 

Join host Karen Roberts as she delves deep into a captivating conversation with Sherry Cutter, a master trainer in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, and coaching. Discover how Sherry’s unique approach, blending cymatics and mindset techniques, can reshape your thought patterns and propel you toward transformative change.


In the ever-evolving landscape of personal development, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) has emerged as a powerful tool for transformation. In a recent podcast episode, host Karen Roberts introduces Sherry Cutter, a seasoned master trainer and practitioner specializing in NLP, hypnosis, and coaching. The discussion revolves around Sherry’s unique approach, termed “Next Level NLP,” a fusion of cymatics and mindset techniques designed to propel individuals toward growth and expansion.

The Journey into Next Level NLP:

Sherry Cutter’s journey into the realm of NLP is as fascinating as the discipline itself. Formerly a physical therapist, Sherry’s intrigue with the subconscious mind’s impact on people’s lives led her to delve into NLP. Drawing from years of experience, she discusses the varying responses of individuals to life-changing events, emphasizing the significance of accessing the subconscious mind for authentic and lasting change.

Distinguishing NLP from Traditional Therapy:

Sherry underscores a key distinction between traditional therapy, primarily targeting the conscious mind, and NLP, which aligns both the conscious and subconscious minds for congruence. Trained under renowned NLP figure Robert Dilts, Sherry shares her mission to teach individuals how to embody NLP principles, focusing on a somatic approach to internalizing information.

Transformative Power of NLP Techniques:

Throughout her career, Sherry has worked with diverse clients, aiding them in overcoming internal obstacles, changing thought patterns, and achieving personal development goals. The podcast explores the transformative power of NLP techniques such as time techniques, parts integration, and submodalities. Language’s pivotal role in shaping identity is also a focal point, with Sherry providing profound insights into the intricacies of NLP.

Addressing Limiting Beliefs and Self-Esteem:

Sherry highlights the importance of addressing limiting beliefs and the fundamental role of self-esteem in personal development. She outlines the NLP process, which commences with subconscious work to release emotional baggage, followed by conscious focus on goals and positive direction.

Challenges and Empowerment:

The conversation delves into the challenges of language patterns, breaking free from comfort zones, and the empowering concept of being at ’cause’ rather than ‘effect’ in life. Sherry emphasizes personal responsibility and its impact on empowerment, offering a fresh perspective on navigating life’s complexities.

Connecting with Sherry Cutter:

For those intrigued by Sherry Cutter’s work, her website, imbalancedwellness.net, serves as a gateway to explore NLP, hypnosis, and coaching. Interested individuals can reach out via email at sherry.cutter@gmail.com or contact her through the office number: 530-470-0410.


Sherry Cutter’s journey into Next Level NLP unveils a unique blend of cymatics and mindset techniques, offering a fresh perspective on personal development. As the podcast explores the transformative power of NLP, Sherry’s insights provide a roadmap for those seeking authentic and lasting change. Embracing the principles of Next Level NLP could be the key to unlocking untapped potential and achieving a new level of growth and expansion in various aspects of life.


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