In this insightful episode of The Coffee with Karen podcast, we are delighted to host a very special guest, Cindy Gorney. Cindy is an akashic record reader, teacher, and healer, known for her transformative work in the realm of soul healing. Join us as we dive deep into the world of the akashic records and the power of intuition.

Cindy’s Journey: From Healing to Healing Others

Cindy shares her inspirational journey, one that was sparked by her own need for healing. She recounts how a retreat featuring an akashic record reading completely transformed her life. Since that pivotal moment, Cindy has dedicated herself to helping others through readings and her unique creation, Akasha Clearing, which was born out of a desire to assist a family member dealing with fear and trauma.

Understanding Akashic Records: The Blueprint of Your Life

For those new to akashic records, Cindy provides a clear and concise explanation. She describes these records as the blueprint of a person’s life, a story that details their soul’s journey and human experiences. Cindy’s ability to tap into this energy enables her to clear, heal, and transform issues and patterns that may be holding individuals back. Furthermore, she emphasizes that the akashic records relate to ascension and growth, influencing every aspect of our lives, from our thoughts and emotions to our manifestations and physical well-being.

The Importance of Trusting Your Intuition

Karen and Cindy delve into a crucial topic: the suppression of intuition and inner knowing that many people experience due to societal conditioning, which often begins in childhood and persists into adulthood. Cindy passionately emphasizes that intuition is everything and that productivity can suffer without it. She encourages listeners to trust their inner guidance, to observe and learn from their experiences, and to pay close attention to what feels good or doesn’t feel good.

Where to Listen and Connect

Listeners can tune in live to The Coffee with Karen podcast via Mint Wave Radio or download the app for Apple and Android devices on Podbean. Subscribing, following, and leaving comments are encouraged to further engage with the enriching content. This episode promises to provide positivity and insight, offering a wealth of wisdom from the enlightening conversation between Karen Roberts and Cindy Gorney on Soul Time with Cindy.

Exploring Self-Care and Intuition with a Reiki Practitioner

In the latter part of the episode, Karen interviews a Reiki practitioner who shares her personal journey and insights on the importance of self-care and intuition. The guest emphasizes the significance of stepping into energy and expanding one’s mind, especially for individuals with Reiki knowledge. She discusses her self-care routine, which involves journaling and meditation to connect with her intuition. The guest also underscores the importance of asking the right questions, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself.

Mentorship and Trusting the Flow of Life

The guest highlights her mentor, Alicia Isaac House, as her favorite influencer within the industry. She believes that everyone is on their unique journey and emphasizes the importance of trusting the flow of life. This episode offers valuable insights into self-care, intuition, and the development of mental resilience.

Clearing Energy and Shifting Mindsets Holistically

Cindy delves into the process of clearing energy and shifting mindsets through holistic approaches. She offers Akashic readings and clearings, both of which are facilitated through meditation, awareness, journaling, tapping in, and accessing someone’s records. While readings focus on energy and feeling, clearings are designed for healing, clearing, and activation. Cindy also combines Reiki healing with clearing, taking a holistic approach to help clients achieve growth and progress. She shares a transformational story of a client who initially started with a reading and clearing but later joined Cindy’s nutrition group.

Belief in a Gentle Approach and the Power of Homeopathy

Cindy believes in a gentle approach and tends to attract gentle souls to work with. She also advocates for homeopathy as a natural and soothing healing method that operates through energy. Listeners interested in connecting with Cindy can visit and sign up for her newsletter to access specials and engaging content. Cindy leaves listeners with a powerful message of self-love and the importance of understanding the unique path they are on.

In Conclusion

This episode of The Coffee with Karen podcast offers a treasure trove of insights into holistic health, intuition, and self-care. Cindy Gorney and Karen Roberts generously share their knowledge and experiences to help listeners tap into their intuition and learn to trust themselves. Don’t miss this enlightening and empowering episode that has the potential to transform your perspective on healing and self-discovery. Tune in and embrace the journey of self-awareness and growth!

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