Welcome to the Coffee with Karen podcast, where we explore life’s transformative journeys from various perspectives. In this episode, we kick off a four-part series with an inspiring guest, Sabine, a certified NLP and life coach who embarked on a remarkable journey from a finance career to becoming a spiritual healer. Join us as we delve into the power of transpersonal regression therapy, animal communication, embracing change, and listening to your heart.

Transpersonal Regression Therapy: Unearthing Trauma’s Roots

Sabine shares her unique approach to healing, using transpersonal regression therapy to help clients confront their deep-rooted trauma. Through this transformative technique, individuals can understand the origins of their pain and confront limiting belief systems. Sabine provides a poignant example of helping a client who had been abandoned multiple times by partners. By uncovering the belief system established during childhood, she uses energy exchange to release emotional blockages and change the client’s perspective.

The Healing Power of Animal Communication

Animal communication is a heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind connection that Sabine believes anyone can learn with practice. She recounts a touching story of a dog that stopped eating, revealing the dog mirrored its owner’s struggle with anorexia due to a painful divorce. By addressing the root cause and guiding the owner to take action, the dog’s health and appetite were restored. Sabine underscores the importance of animal communication in strengthening bonds with animals and aiding in medical situations.

Embracing Change: Following Your Heart’s Calling

Both hosts share their personal experiences of leaving unfulfilling jobs to pursue their true passions. They discuss the significance of heeding your heart’s desires and not letting your ego hinder crucial decisions. Sabine’s journey reflects her initial resistance to change, despite the universe’s nudges towards her true path. She candidly discusses the challenges she faced when starting her career as an animal communicator and healer.

Listening to the Universe’s Signs

The hosts encourage listeners to pay attention to the signs the universe provides and have faith in their abilities. Sabine highlights the value of collaboration and joint ventures in career growth and personal development. She provides contact details for those interested in reaching out to her for guidance.


In this episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast, we’ve explored personal growth, career transitions, and the fascinating world of animal communication. The central message resonates with listeners: always listen to your heart, embrace change, and have faith in your journey. Sabine’s unique healing techniques and inspirational story provide valuable insights for those seeking a more fulfilling and authentic path in life. Don’t miss this holistic perspective on self-discovery, spirituality, and the power of communication with our animal companions.

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