In a profound episode of the Coffee with Karen Podcast, host Karen Roberts welcomes a special guest, Coach Riana Milne, to explore the far-reaching effects of childhood trauma on individuals’ lives and relationships. With Coach Riana’s extensive experience in coaching, this episode offers invaluable insights into healing trauma, fostering personal growth, and creating fulfilling connections.

Understanding Childhood Trauma:

The conversation commences with Coach Riana shedding light on the different forms of childhood trauma that can shape an individual’s upbringing. From verbal and emotional abuse to physical abuse, neglect, and abandonment, she discusses how these experiences can leave lasting scars. Even emotional absence and parental disconnection, when physically present, can have a profound impact.

Exploring Personal and Community Traumas:

Coach Riana delves into the realm of personal traumas, discussing the challenges faced by individuals who have experienced bullying or felt different in various aspects of their lives. She emphasizes the struggles related to weight, learning disorders, and belonging to minority groups, and how these challenges affect one’s sense of acceptance. Additionally, the episode touches upon the impact of community traumas, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters, on individuals and entire communities.

Sibling Trauma and Family Dynamics:

The dynamics of sibling trauma, including bullying, favoritism, and feeling overshadowed by a sibling’s medical condition, are explored. Coach Riana highlights the emotional neglect that can arise when parental attention is disproportionately directed towards a sibling’s needs. Recognizing and addressing these issues is crucial for fostering healthier family dynamics.

Parental Mental Health and Its Impact:

The episode delves into the impact of parental mental health issues on children. Coach Riana emphasizes the historical stigmatization of seeking therapy and highlights how conditions like borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder can significantly affect children’s emotional well-being. Understanding and addressing parental mental health is vital for healing and creating a healthier family environment.

The Manifestation of Childhood Trauma in Relationships:

Listeners gain insight into how childhood trauma can manifest in adult relationships. Coach Riana discusses common patterns exhibited by individuals with trauma, including jealousy, control issues, impulsivity, people-pleasing, and love addiction. The concept of relationship repetition syndrome, where individuals repeatedly return to toxic partners, is examined. The role of subconscious attraction and chemistry in these dynamics is also discussed.

The Healing Process and Coach Riana’s Approach:

Throughout the episode, the importance of healing childhood trauma is emphasized. Coach Riana shares insights into her coaching approach, which combines education and teamwork to guide clients toward positive change. She stresses the significance of open and compassionate communication, highlighting the avoidance of yelling and the understanding of each partner’s vulnerabilities and pain points from their upbringing.

Resources and Coaching Programs:

Listeners are introduced to Coach Riana’s coaching programs, which typically span four to six months and comprehensively address various aspects of relationships. Her website,, offers valuable free resources such as love tests, an eBook, and access to her podcast, “Lessons in Life and Love with Coach Riana Milne.” Additionally, Coach Riana is a bestselling author of 12 books covering a wide range of topics related to personal growth and relationships.


In conclusion, this episode of the Coffee with Karen Podcast provides a deep dive into healing childhood trauma and cultivating healthy relationships. Coach Riana Milne’s expertise and resources offer a roadmap for individuals seeking personal growth and more fulfilling connections. By understanding the impact of childhood trauma and actively working towards healing, listeners can create a resilient and thriving future. Visit for more information on Coach Riana’s coaching programs, books, and resources, and be sure to tune in to future episodes of the podcast.

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