After being told he could never have kids naturally and after 2 failed IVF attempts, Dean embarked on a path uncovering what true health meant to see if there was another way. It turned out there was, optimising health is so powerful, that his son was conceived naturally.

From that point, Dean was curious about what else was possible and discovered his true purpose. Empowering and inspiring others to be all that they are. Using a holistic approach to optimise what Dean see’s as the 4 elements of health and well-being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), that allow you to thrive.

From IT consultant to gym owner and now a highly acclaimed performance lifestyle coach, Dean help’s successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and CEO’s who are stressed, anxious and feel burnt out, optimise their health and performance so that they can relax, feel happy and fulfilled and spend more time with their family. Showing men how to remove fears and express who they really are by giving them the tools and resources to thrive in all areas for their life.

Martial arts has been a huge part of his life for over 30 years and has studied a number of martial arts to black belt and has been inducted into the UK black belt martial arts hall of fame. He uses his experiences to provide a unique coaching experience to defend against your inner bully and overcome whatever life throws at you.


Your Host: Karen Roberts

I coach and train struggling personal trainers, coaches, consultants, therapists and network marketers and healers how to build their business online using social media without bugging friends and family, without chasing or spamming people and having prospects coming to them.

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