In an enlightening episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast, host Karen Roberts welcomes Jaimee Campanella, a seasoned time strategist and productivity consultant, to unravel the intricate concept of Time Mindset. Jaimee, the brain behind the Time Power Program, takes the reins to help individuals seize control of their time and escape the clutches of overwhelm.

Unveiling Time Misconceptions:

Jaimee kicks off the conversation by addressing the pervasive and crippling belief that many people harbor—namely, the notion that they are perpetually starved of time. She vehemently challenges this time scarcity mindset, contending that it forms the very foundation of most time management issues. Jaimee urges entrepreneurs to recognize that they possess an abundance of time at their disposal, reiterating the pivotal role of choice. The conversation also delves into the prevalent tendency to relinquish power in the realm of time management, advocating for a transformative shift in mindset—one that views time as a valuable servant rather than a relentless adversary.

Jaimee’s Time Odyssey:

Jaimee offers a glimpse into her personal journey, one that led her down the path of a time strategist. She candidly shares her struggles with time management as her business and family responsibilities burgeoned. The pivotal quest for balance takes center stage, with Jaimee underscoring how the tools and strategies that empowered her professionally were instrumental in achieving equilibrium in her work-life dynamic.

The Art of Conscious Choices:

Jaimee places profound emphasis on the significance of conscious choices and deliberate decision-making in our lives. She advocates for the decluttering of superfluous distractions that inundate our daily existence, drawing a parallel to a “home edit” of life. The guest also highlights the paramount importance of aligning priorities with aspirations, investing time and energy in endeavors that resonate with our core values.

The Weight of Overwhelm and Stress:

The hosts explore the perilous terrain of time oversight and the detrimental toll that overwhelm and stress can exact on our well-being and relationships. They propose the idea of enlisting a coach or personal trainer to facilitate accountability and expedite progress. The concept of balance also takes center stage, with a recognition that it is inherently subjective. The episode encourages listeners to embrace their unique interpretation of balance and actively craft that experience in their lives.


In summary, this episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast is an illuminating journey into the world of Time Mindset, led by the insightful Jaimee Campanella. Karen and Jaimee’s conversational rapport infuses the podcast with an inviting and friendly ambiance, fostering an environment conducive to learning. Their shared dedication to holistic health and personal growth infuses the discussion with an uplifting and optimistic spirit. Listeners will depart with newfound wisdom about the transformative power of choice in time management and practical tools to embark on a quest for balance in their lives.

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