Special Guest: Meriam Boldewijn

Meriam is a devoted wife, inspiring author, caregiver advocate, motivational speaker, and business entrepreneur. 

She is the author of “Caregiver 2.0: From Burnout to Powerhouse” and the founder and proud owner of Caregiver 2.0, a 6-week online program that offers support, coaching, and life skills to caregivers all over the world.

She has been a caregiver for more than 20 years now and with her coaching program, she’s helping caregivers who spend their lifetimes helping their loved ones, learn how to prevent or overcome a burnout of taking care of other people.

They reduce stress, release the guilt and shame of sometimes one day to actually put themselves first, and they now implement a three-step strategy when the thought comes in their mind: Why me?!





About your Host, Karen Roberts.

I help women who are overwhelmed, overstressed, overweight, overworked and underpaid.

Mental, Physical and Spiritual alignment – Pure Resonance

When they work with me, they will lose the extra weight in 90 days or less and look and feel amazing. They will regain their confidence and reclaim their power all whilst increasing their income.

Combining Diet, Exercise, Fasting, Meditating and Energy Frequency Healing.

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