In a world where health and fitness have become more critical than ever, it’s essential to find inspiration and guidance to navigate this journey successfully. In a recent episode of the podcast, Karen Roberts welcomes Jasmine Jackson, a health and fitness coach, to share her remarkable journey and insights into the world of health and wellness. Together, they explore personal transformations, societal pressures, and the importance of prioritizing both physical and mental health.

Discovering the Path:

Jasmine Jackson, the founder of Saayit Fitness, embarked on her health and fitness journey after struggling with weight management for ten years. Her story is one of resilience and determination. She initially started as a blogger and eventually transitioned into helping people with meal plans, before becoming a certified coach. By January 2022, she had even hired her first employee, a testament to the success of her business.

Karen Roberts, too, has a background in the fitness industry, beginning as a step instructor in 1999. Her journey led her to make the bold decision to quit after 25 years. Both women share a common theme: the shift from working in other industries to finding their true passion in health and fitness coaching.

The Journey to Self-Love:

In the second part of the podcast, Jasmine delves into her ongoing journey of learning to love her body. She candidly discusses the societal pressures to achieve specific weight or body shape goals and her former obsession with the scale and instant results. However, she has now embraced the importance of overall health and acknowledges the mental aspects of weight loss, including self-sabotage and instant gratification.

Jasmine shares her journey’s starting point, where she incorporated small, manageable changes, like taking short walks during her work breaks. She also reflects on the challenges posed by the pandemic and lockdown, which caused her to slip into unhealthy habits temporarily.

Navigating Health Challenges:

The hosts tackle several essential health and fitness topics throughout the episode. They discuss the issue of portion sizes and how people have become accustomed to larger servings. Meal prep, understanding the impact of hypertension and stress on the body, and avoiding the brainwashing effects of excessive television and social media consumption are also explored.

The conversation extends to the complex issue of body image and the immense societal pressure to conform to specific standards. The hosts share their personal experiences and provide practical tips for living a healthier life. They emphasize the significance of self-love, self-care, and the critical need to prioritize mental health alongside physical health.


In this compelling podcast episode, Jasmine Jackson and Karen Roberts offer a window into the world of health and fitness coaching. They shed light on the societal pressures and mental challenges individuals face on their journey to wellness. It’s a source of inspiration and guidance for anyone looking to take control of their health and well-being.

Ultimately, their stories and insights serve as a reminder that achieving a healthier lifestyle goes beyond the physical aspect—it’s a holistic transformation that encompasses the mind, body, and soul. Embracing self-love, prioritizing self-care, and seeking reputable information are essential steps towards achieving lasting well-being in an ever-evolving world. Tune in to this episode to embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment in the realm of health and fitness.

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