Welcome to another insightful episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast, where we explore the realms of mindfulness, self-discovery, and the power of resetting our mindset. In this episode, Karen engages in a profound conversation with Marcy McDonald, a remarkable mindset expert and internationally certified end-of-life doula. Marcy’s journey from a six-figure corporate job to a transformative life as a doula is a testament to the importance of paying attention to death as a means to truly live.

Mindfulness and the Power of Awareness

Karen and Marcy kick off their conversation by delving into the significance of mindfulness. Marcy emphasizes the importance of paying attention to our bodies and emotions as the first step in the journey towards mindfulness. She sheds light on the emotional mind’s rapid processing of information and its tendency to draw from past negative emotions to react to situations. However, Marcy assures us that through awareness and deliberate steps, we can shift the balance and bring our rational mind to the forefront.

Embracing the Inevitability of Death

Marcy’s unique perspective encourages us to confront the inevitability of death. She passionately believes that paying attention to death serves as a reset button for our mindset, enabling us to live with intention and purpose every day. The conversation prompts listeners to reflect on the changes they’ve longed to make in their lives and to stop postponing them for an elusive “someday,” which is, in essence, equivalent to “no day.” Marcy reminds us that our brains are adaptable, and we can transform ourselves regardless of the burdens or interpretations we may carry.

Grief and the Unspoken

The discussion then delves into the reasons why people often struggle to deal with grief and death, despite these being inevitable aspects of life. Marcy attributes this challenge to our lack of preparation and education on how to process these emotions. She shares her personal experience of losing her father, a complex and mixed emotional journey. Marcy advocates for facing our own mortality and having guides to help us navigate this profound transition, which she describes as an enlightening and uplifting process.

Re-Patterning Our Stories

Marcy guides us on differentiating facts from the stories we tell ourselves and emphasizes the power of re-patterning our narratives for emotional well-being. She shares a personal story about her mother’s struggle with mental health and how it shaped her life until she learned to separate facts from the story. Both Karen and Marcy stress the importance of being fully present and questioning the veracity of our self-narratives. Marcy recommends the assistance of a trained coach who can help us listen to our inner voices and re-pattern our stories.

Living in the Present Moment

Finally, Marcy draws from her experiences as an end-of-life doula to underscore the value of being fully present when time is limited. This mindfulness practice is one she extends to her clients, enhancing their overall experience. This conversation serves as a powerful reminder that we possess the ability to reset our mindset and live with intention. By paying attention to our bodies, emotions, and the reality of death, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery and lead fulfilling lives.

Conclusion: A Call to Live Intentionally

In conclusion, this episode of the Coffee with Karen podcast offers profound insights into mindfulness, self-discovery, and the transformative power of embracing the inevitable. Marcy McDonald’s journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of living intentionally. We hope this conversation inspires you to seize each day and approach life with mindfulness, self-awareness, and a renewed sense of purpose. Tune in to this episode to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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