Using Movement & Mindset to teach women how to create a wildly loving relationship with their body & develop genuine authentic inner confidence so that they can live a life full of abundance, prosperity, love & Joyfulness! Having taught Yoga {as well as Breathwork, Meditation, Visualisation, Relaxation techniques, Somatic Healing}

for over 20 years I use Movement as Medicine to heal past trauma & experience optimum health on every level; Physically, Energetically, Emotionally, Spiritually … My passion is teaching women how to navigate transitions such as menopause, and to embrace their perfectly imperfect Selves! For me Yoga isn’t about perfecting a pose; it’s about finding perfect peace ON the mat … so you can take that sense of Inner Peace OFF the mat …!

Taking inspiration from many different styles of Yoga, as well as from Tai Chi / Qi Gong, Dance & Somatic Healing. Our bodies are designed to experience Pleasure, no matter what our age! Guiding women to embrace their Inner Goddess, connect with & embrace their Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Energy .. to remember that they are already whole, perfect, complete. Having overcome Depression, Self Harm, a 15 year long Eating Disorder, Sexual Abuse, Drug Addiction, Exercise Addiction & crippling low Self Esteem, my passion is helping Women find their voice ! To remember that they are already worthy …!

And to show them how to have a different perspective on past trauma: turning their Pain into Power … uncovering their Purpose .. & igniting their Personal Power so they can create a life that excites & inspires them!


About your Host: I’m Karen Roberts.

I am a holistic transformation coach who helps women who have lost their ‘MOJO’. My 10-day challenge Finding ‘MOJO’ is a unique holistic ALL-IN approach to helping women raise their vibration and create the life of their dreams. It starts with getting in the right headspace to take consistent action towards their goals whatever they may be.

When we lose our ‘MOJO’ we can fall into some bad habits, gain weight, feel sluggish, de-motivated, which then makes us not feel good about ourselves. I help women get back on track, maximize their health and energy, raise their vibration and help them lose weight. Help them get focused, feel good about themselves and be ready to smash their goals. If creating a successful business is a goal then I move them into my 12 week mentorship program – 6 Figures and Beyond.

This is specifically designed to help struggling coaches, network marketers, personal trainers and holistic health practitioners build their business online using social media to attract their ideal clients. I help them grow their audience, build influence and take them through a journey to finally closing the deal on their offers.