In a transformative episode of Coffee with Karen, host Karen Roberts engages in an enlightening conversation with guest Maria Antonietta, a multifaceted expert in biomedical nutrition, psycho neurology, and holistic health life coaching. Maria shares her remarkable personal journey of healing through nutrition and holistic practices after a debilitating illness led to multiple prescriptions from conventional medicine. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of taking charge of one’s health and wellness.

Back to Basics: Nutrition and Health:

The heart of Karen and Maria’s conversation revolves around the profound importance of returning to the fundamentals of nutrition and health. They emphasize how straightforward practices, such as mindfulness in eating and meditation, can yield tremendous results. The hosts highlight the social dimension of food, emphasizing how modern society has become disconnected from the true essence of nourishment. Additionally, they stress the significance of staying hydrated and being attuned to our bodies’ thirst signals, as many individuals unknowingly suffer from dehydration.

Morning Rituals and Holistic Health:

Maria believes that small changes in morning routines can lead to significant life transformations. She discusses the profound impact of spirituality and Reiki in her journey, and how her services are tailored to the unique needs of each individual. She emphasizes the importance of personalized programs, recognizing that we are all unique, and there exists a plethora of tools and methods to help us achieve our goals and enhance our lives.

Demystifying Meditation:

The hosts also tackle common misconceptions about meditation and share a simple yet effective practice. They introduce an uncomplicated meditation technique, where one counts to six while taking a shower, resetting the count to one when a thought arises. Emphasizing the importance of taking time out of a busy day for meditation, they explain how it can boost productivity and foster a state of flow.

The Power of Reading:

The conversation transitions to the realm of books, with Maria discussing her favorite self-development and business books that have profoundly impacted her life. She underscores the significance of reading as a means of growth and learning.


This episode serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential within each of us to take control of our health and wellness, embracing the foundational principles of nutrition and holistic practices. It is essential listening for those passionate about health and wellness, and for those who seek to embark on their own journey towards well-being. Listeners will depart with practical tips and tools to implement in their lives, along with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation. The conversation is both informative and inspiring, providing a roadmap to becoming your healthiest and happiest self.

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