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The FAST FAT LOSS SYSTEM is the most effective online program that will empower you to transform your life through a simple, step by step system using effective, cutting-edge fitness and nutrition strategies.


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Hi there I’m Karen.

When I left the fitness industry I gained so much weight. I felt awful physically and awful about myself. Then I gave myself a talking to and started to plan, to learn and to be open minded. Surely I could help myself? I developed this program, tried it out on myself AND LOST 42 pounds in THREE MONTHS. Over the years I’ve adapted and tweaked my program working with hundreds of clients. And now it’s your turn. I am so sure that it will work for you that I will give you a test run for 10 days. With 24 years as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist, I have the expertise and skills to motivate and inspire you while understanding how you feel + what you’re going through. I’ll be with you through every step of your transformation journey, ready to encourage and congratulate you and keep you on track.

Let’s do it!

Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly Grocery Lists and daily recipes each week for the 1st 6 weeks, until you have reprogrammed your body to burn fat as a fuel instead of sugar. Easy to follow with ingredient lists, preparation instructions and all the macros worked out to help you reach your goals FAST.

Daily 30 Minute Workouts

Effective 30 minute workouts that you can join in live or do at a time that suits you in the comfort of your own home. These will be streamed live daily Monday – Friday and will be a mixture of bodyweight HIIT, Cardio, resistance training and yoga based workouts.

Community & Support

Accountability and support from an active and likeminded community. This is huge with relation to staying the course. Ongoing monitoring keeps us focused and what gets measured gets managed. Research shows that having support can have a real impact on your results.

Mindset Training

For the 1st 10 days, learn how and why we do the things we do, how our minds work and how we can change our habits to remain consistent with our efforts and so that we don’t resort back to our old ways of being. Knowledge is power.

Intermittent Fasting

Learn the most effective eating schedule for you. The program is transitional and over the initial 6 weeks you will experience various Intermittent Fasting protocols to see which one works best for you.

1-2-1 Daily Coaching

This is what separates us from other programs. Every day Mon – Fri you will get a 5 – 15 min call from your FAST FAT LOSS COACH aka ME, to check on you, to hold you accountable to you sticking to the program and offering options if ‘life’ gets in the way

What Can You Expect?

Lose 10 to 27 pounds of Unwanted Fat Without Counting Calories.

Drop 2 to 3 Dress Sizes So That You Can Get Back Into Your Bikini And Feel Confident

Lose 3 – 5 Inches From Your Waist So That You Can Slide Back Into Your Skinny Jeans

Designed to Turn You Into A Fat Burning Machine

This program is for ALL fitness levels, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

15 Stone = 210lbs

11st 5lbs = 160lbs

What Makes This System Different From Other Diet And Exercise Programs?

I understand how it feels to be frustrated by the fitness and nutrition myths, confusion, and misinformation presented online, by so many doctors, and by well-meaning friends and family members. It’s like being on a never-ending roller coaster when it comes to a healthy lifestyle!

‘Dieting’ and Exercise doesn’t work – FACT. There’s a reason why it doesn’t work and it’s NOT your fault.

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You’re not the unlucky one who got the ‘FAT’ gene, it’s NOT because you’re lazy, or lack will power. Unlike the judgemental ‘Emily’ who lives down the road, no kids, works 9-4 so can workout when she wants and prep meals, has a fast metabolism, is 20 years younger without any responsibilities, telling YOU to just ‘workout harder’

Yeah OK Emily! And by the way, for 24 years, I WAS EMILY!!!! Here is what they’re not telling you. Because of how we eat, and we have eaten for the last 60 years, our bodies are addicted to sugar (carbs) So our bodies are ‘programmed’ to hold on to fat, and burn muscle if we go on a ‘diet’

It’s prime goal is survival so it will balance the books (calorie deficit) at the end of the week and slow everything down, so you don’t lose fat, then you regain it. Here’s how we change it, we ‘re-program’ our bodies to burn fat instead of sugar (carbs) Sounds simple. It’s like this…. You have 2 options at home for food.

1. Food in the fridge

2. Go outside, in the rain to the garage, find a key, unlock the chest freezer, get food out, wait for it to defrost, bring it back to the house.

Hmmmmmmmm which do you choose????

Your body is the same. But… what if…..you made a door in the kitchen, straight to the garage, and the microwave defrosts the food quick????? We need to ‘RESET’ the pathway, so that your body knows what to do.

I have a very unique process that takes a client through this. It will normally take 4-6 weeks to get fat adapted. If you’re prepared to be aggressive with this and borderline nutcase, psychopath like my daughter, you can do it in about 2. Once you’re fat adapted, it’s then easy to shed loads of weight, without being hungry and without cravings.

Even extended fasting means that you’re not starving. When you fast, your liver can create up to 700 calories worth of ketones from your fat stores. Easy!

This Program Is For You If…..

You struggle to lose weight and keep it off.
You feel stuck, you’ve tried everything, weight watchers, slimming world, nothing works!
You’ve heard about the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting but don’t know where to start
You feel like you’ve been on a diet your whole life.
You’re worried that it isn’t healthy.
You’re confused with all of the conflicting information out there.
You want to create a Happier, Healthier, Leaner YOU!

What is Next After the 10 Day Challenge?

Weekly Membership

After the 10 Day Challenge, you want to continue doing just the classes, new 30 min workouts will be added to the library every Monday to Friday. Barbell and rebounder workouts added.

Weekly Subscription


Standard Membership

After the 10 Day Challenge, you want to continue but feel you can do this on your own, with access to daily 30 min workouts with the support of the online community.

90 Day Program

VIP Membership

After the 10 Day Challenge, you want to continue with the Daily Catchup Calls With Your Coach. Plus you want to add the test based nutrition, to improve your cellular health.

 90 Day Program



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